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Uber to add transit ticketing support to its mobile app

Uber users be able to use the ride hailing giant’s mobile app to pay for public transportation fares as well as taxi rides “soon”. The new service is set to launch first in Denver, Colorado.

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The move follows the announcement last week of Uber Transit, an addition to the Uber app which lets users “find the fastest route to your destination with real-time transit information, routes, and directions every step of the way.”

Uber appDenver’s Regional Transportation District (RTD) is beginning the rollout with a new ‘Transit’ option in the Uber app that lets users “plan their transit journey with real-time information, and step-by-step directions”, technology supplier Masabi says.

This will then be expanded to enable Uber users to purchase RTD tickets “directly in the app”.

The service will help Uber users to more easily discover and access public transit services while also making multimodal journeys using shared private and public transit options easier and more accessible, Masabi says.

“Multimodal journeys, combining public transit and private rideshare options, are already a popular choice among riders, with a 2018 Masabi survey finding 35% of people with access to public transit combine it with ridesharing on at least an occasional basis,” the transit ticketing specialist adds.

“With transit options being more seamlessly connected in the Uber app it will be easier and more convenient for riders in Denver to move away from private car journeys.”


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