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Tusass expands roaming service Tusass Abroad to 61 countries

Greenlandic operator Tusass has added new countries to the roaming service “Tusass Abroad” which comes with every retail and corporate mobile subscription that costs DKK 499 or more.

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Starting June 1, with Tusass Abroad, you can use data, send text messages, and call to and from as many as 61 different destinations in Europe and North America at no extra cost.  Tusass abroad is included in all private and business mobile subscriptions from 499 DKR/monthly.
The new countries now joining Tusass abroad are: Ireland, Switzerland, Luxembourg, Liechtenstein, Andorra, Bulgaria, Slovakia, Slovenia, Romania, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Ukraine, Portugal, Malta, Cyprus, Greece, and the Greek Islands. This is in effect from June 1, 2022.
In connection with the various new destinations soon being added, an advertising campaign for Tusass abroad, which will run in May and June will start now. tusass roaming
Tusass, Greenland’s sole telecommunications provider, serves 66,009 people—many of whom can only leave their hometowns by sea or air. Greenland calling code is +299.

Overall, domestic tourists accounted for the highest number of travelers in Greenland, with almost 53 thousand visitors in 2020. Danish tourists ranked second on the list, with about 14 thousand travelers in 2020.

The world is changing and the risk of cyberattacks threatens Greenland’s telecommunications infrastructure at a time when more in Greenland than ever before depend on better connections.
Chairman of the Board at Tusass, Stine Bosse, takes this very seriously and emphasizes that:
  • 2021 has been a year of security. The entire world still experiences increasing cyberattack threat levels – and Greenland too has been hit. One of the important ways to mitigate this threat is to ensure that the technology we have, is built with an eye for security and that our processes are simple and transparent. 

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