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What should You do when traveling internationally with iPhone?

Venturing overseas for vacations is an event many eagerly look forward to. In our tech-savvy era, the indispensability of a smartphone for travelers is undeniable. From securing flight tickets and accommodations to navigating routes and checking weather updates, smartphones have become a vital travel companions. Among the plethora of smartphones, the iPhone enjoys immense popularity, especially among those with a penchant for capturing beautiful photographs. travel internationally with iPhone

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However, using an iPhone internationally necessitates some preparations to ensure a hassle-free and secure experience. This article aims to provide a detailed guide on how to effectively use your iPhone while traveling abroad.

What are the necessary steps for using an iPhone internationally?

Before embarking on your journey, it’s crucial to take certain measures to ensure that your iPhone can be used safely and efficiently while overseas. Here’s a rundown of things you should consider:

Ensuring Secure Usage of iPhone Abroad travel internationally with iPhone

Update your iOS, Apps, Browsers & Backup all data & Free up storage Before setting off on your international journey, update your iOS, Apps, and Browsers for optimal device performance and security. You can check and update the iOS version by navigating to – – . To update your apps, visit – and select the apps you wish to update. It’s also vital to back up all your data to prevent the loss of important information during your trip.

Moreover, removing unnecessary data from your device will prevent any performance issues. You can create more storage space by deleting unused apps or backing up pictures to the cloud or external storage.

To check your iPhone’s storage, navigate to – – . By monitoring and freeing up storage, you can avoid the ‘full-storage’ warning message, particularly if you’re fond of taking pictures while traveling.

Understand Data Roaming & How to Avoid Unwanted Roaming Charges

Data roaming allows your iPhone to connect to a mobile network with your domestic carrier line while abroad. However, this could lead to hefty roaming charges. To avoid unintentional roaming charges, it’s advisable to disable data roaming and use Wi-Fi hotspots or a local SIM card instead.

You can do this by going to – , choosing your domestic line, and then toggling off the . If you’re using dual SIM and wish to prevent unintentional cellular line switching, navigate to – – and ensure that “Secondary line” is selected for cellular data before toggling off .

It’s recommended to purchase a data roaming plan before leaving, as it can be a cost-effective option for short trips.

Disable Unnecessary Notifications & Cellular Data Usage

When traveling abroad, conserving data usage is crucial to avoid unexpected data charges. Disabling notifications and cellular data usage for unnecessary apps will help conserve your data. You can also enable Wi-Fi assist to automatically switch to Wi-Fi when the mobile network is weak. Navigate to – to manage all your app’s notification options.

Also, go to – and scroll down to control cellular data usage for all applications on your iPhone. If you don’t want a specific app to use cellular data while traveling abroad, turn off the toggle next to the application’s name.

Activate “Find My iPhone Feature” & Learn Its Usage

The Find My iPhone feature helps locate your device if it gets lost or stolen. Before heading off on your trip, ensure this feature is activated and learn how to use it. To enable this feature exclusive to iPhones, first, connect your Apple ID to your device.

Then, navigate to , click on your name at the top, and select . By enabling , you activate this feature. Under , you can also enable in case your iPhone is offline and in case your iPhone battery is critically low. If you have another iOS device, consider linking them with your iPhone for easy location in case of loss.

Update Multi-Factor Authentication Steps

To prevent unauthorized access to your device, updating Multi-Factor Authentication steps before heading off on your trip is crucial. For instance, using backup email and OTP via phone number for logging in can significantly enhance the security of your accounts.

Prepare a List of Emergency Contacts

Before heading overseas, prepare a list of emergency contacts you could reach out to in case of an emergency. It’s essential to include contact information for your home country’s embassy or consulate as well as emergency contact numbers. Also, save the address and contact information of your accommodation as they can be helpful during travel.

Using iPhone Conveniently Abroad travel internationally with iPhone

In addition to securing and conserving data usage on your iPhone, you may also want it to be convenient for use while traveling abroad. Here are some tips:

Check if Your iPhone is Unlocked

To use data abroad, your iPhone needs to be unlocked. Some carriers might lock your phone to prevent usage with other network carriers. If your device is locked (not unlocked), you can request an unlock from your carrier or purchase an unlocked iPhone. To check if your iPhone is unlocked, navigate to – – and scroll down to see if there are “No SIM restrictions.” Once unlocked, you can use a local SIM card or eSIM from providers like BNESIM for data access abroad.

Leverage Your International Travel Plans

Various options are available for accessing data while traveling abroad such as purchasing a local SIM card, using Wi-Fi hotspots, or using a data roaming plan from your carrier. However, using eSIM from providers like BNESIM can be a more affordable and convenient option for staying connected abroad. eSIMs can be easily purchased and activated online and used in multiple countries without needing a SIM card switch. Using Your iPhone for Entertainment Abroad Beyond essential tasks, you can also use your iPhone for entertainment while traveling abroad:

Learn How to Use Facetime & iMessage with Data

Facetime and iMessage are two popular features of the iPhone. To use these features abroad, ensure they’re enabled with data. You can also use messaging apps like WhatsApp or Facebook Messenger for communication. Download Necessary Apps & Familiarize Yourself with WiFi-Based Apps Before setting off on your trip, download necessary apps like Maps, Taxi, Delivery, and Translation apps that could be helpful while traveling abroad. Pre-Download Your Favorite Music, Shows or Movies If you have long flights or layovers, pre-downloading favorite music, shows or movies can keep you entertained during travel.

Final Thoughts travel internationally with iPhone

Being prepared ahead of time can make all the difference when using an iPhone internationally. Taking the necessary steps to secure your device, conserve data usage, and unlock your iPhone will help ensure a smooth and safe experience while traveling abroad. Using eSIM from providers like eSIM USA can be an affordable and convenient option for staying connected abroad. By following the tips outlined in this article, you can enjoy worry-free usage of your iPhone internationally and take full advantage of what your destination has to offer.

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