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Travel App Downloads in US Reach Record High of 137 Million in Q2 2022

Now that the world is open following the pandemic, the world is making up for the lost time. The travel industry, in particular, has been reaping the benefits of the post-pandemic. According to the numbers presented by, downloads of travel/navigation apps increased by an impressive 18% y-o-y growth during the second quarter of 2022. travel app

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Overall, the downloads of top travel/navigation apps reached 137 million during this period.


137 million downloads on the App Store and Play Store travel app

According to numbers provided by SensorTower, a total of 137 million downloads of top travel apps on the App Store and Play Store combined took place in the last quarter. This was the third consecutive quarter to see improvement in number of downloads.

The graph shows that downloads hit an all-time low during 2020 as COVID-19 rampaged the world. However, the US travel industry started to recover in 2021. The total number of app downloads progressively increased during the year’s first three quarters. From Q4 2020 to Q3 2021, the number of downloads consistently grew from 70 million to 123 million – a growth of 76%.


travel app downloads

However, the escalating curve changed its direction in Q4 as downloads dropped to 106m. This drop was not surprising as numbers in Q4 generally drop.

Vacation Rental Apps’ Installs Soar Past Pre-Pandemic Levels

The main beneficiaries of the Travel category’s record installs belong in the Long-Distance subcategory, which includes Airline, Vacation Rental, Travel Booking, and Hotel Brand apps. The top Vacation Rental apps saw the most growth from pre-pandemic adoption, with installs collectively climbing 105 percent to 8 million in 2Q22 compared to nearly 4 million in 2Q19.

Installs of the top Travel Booking apps also collectively outpaced Airline apps, reaching 13.6 million installs last quarter. This was up 64 percent from 8.3 million installs in Q2 2019, while Airline apps grew 36 percent to 13.1 million from 9.6 million when comparing the two periods.

travel app


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