Telenet announces eSim service for next year

Belgian operator Telenet is the only major telecom player that does not yet support the virtual SIM card but the company announces that they will introduce the eSIM service sometime in 2023. A spokesperson for the mobile operator said that while Telenet has recently given priority to several other major projects, such as its collaboration with Fluvius, it is preparing for the introduction of eSIM’s.  telenet esim

Orange and Proximus have been supporting eSIM since 2020.

‘In recent months, we have mainly focused behind the scenes on major strategic projects such as the deal with Fluvius. A rollout of eSIM is certainly still on the schedule, the expectation is currently to roll it out throughout 2023,’ the telecom company told Data News.

Telenet One Number

Sometimes you prefer not to have your smartphone in your pocket. For example, while jogging. And sometimes you wish you had it with you, but you forgot it at home. Recognizable? With the new Telenet One Number technology, your smartwatch with eSIM remains connected at all times, even without a smartphone nearby.

Telenet has had ‘One Number’ since 2020, whereby your mobile subscription can also be extended to your smartwatch. According to Telenet, the reason for this choice is that it is a really new use case. But it is still a few months to just over a year to wait for a virtual SIM card for your phone.

The benefits of Telenet One Number

Stay connected everywhere

Walking, jogging or skating without a mobile phone? Listen to your favorite playlists or podcast on your smartwatch. Lost during your trip? Your smartwatch shows you the way on your wrist.

Never miss a call or message

Thanks to Telenet One Number, you can now receive your text messages, WhatsApp messages and calls on your smartwatch. Sending a text message? Just say it through Siri or Google Assistant!

Everything is synchronized

Your smartwatch works via mobile data and not only via WiFi or Bluetooth. From now on, messages and calls will arrive at exactly the same time as your smartphone.

eSIM only iPhone 14 in the US telenet esim

eSIM, or rather the standards for eSIM, have been available since 2016. Initially, the technology mainly appeared in smartwatches and later smartphones. However, it remains the exception rather than the rule, especially in the low and middle segments. In the US, Apple has opted to switch entirely to eSIM with the iPhone 14. Anyone who buys an iPhone 14 in the country will receive a copy without a physical SIM card slot.

The big advantage for consumers is that you no longer have to go to a store, or no longer have to wait for your new operator to send you a SIM card. A phone number can be transferred online to another device. This also makes it easier, for example, to temporarily take out a number and subscription from a local operator while abroad. telenet esim

Also, be aware that each Android Smartphone Can Be Upgraded To ESIM With ESIM.Me


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