Telecom26 launches global WiFi roaming services with EDCH

Telecom26 has partnered with Emirates Data Clearing House (EDCH) to launch global Wi-Fi roaming services to support its connectivity platform enabling global SIM and maritime services telecom26 wifi


The inclusion of Wi-Fi services will further enhance the user roaming experience and lower costs for subscribers roaming globally.

Telecom26 is the world’s leading global connectivity partner with over 900+ roaming partners. Telecom26’s connectivity platform is designed for near guaranteed data connectivity worldwide and engineered for reliability, control and customisation.

It is purpose built to support mobile and Wi-Fi solutions for use where global connectivity and near guaranteed data connectivity worldwide is required.

“Telecom26 is pleased to announce its partnership with EDCH, which is a significant step toward our strategy for implementing a seamless global connectivity solution. Our vast data connectivity capabilities and experience to solve global roaming problems in the GSM mobile domain lend itself to offering Passpoint™ roaming, providing a cellular like experience for our subscribers using Wi-Fi,” said Michael Ashdown, Chief Executive Officer for Telecom26.

Naser Salim, General Manager EDCH adds, “EDCH is committed to optimising the roaming experience for both mobile subscribers and mobile operators. With our expansion in offering services in Wi-Fi space, partnering with Telecom26 has been a stepping stone for our business expansion towards European market. Wi-Fi roaming delivers high and complex revenue possibilities. Leveraging on to newer and intelligent roaming solutions, this partnership is a testament to EDCH’s future growth and success”.

Emirates Data Clearing House (EDCH) is a subsidiary of Etisalat Services Holding. telecom26 wifi

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