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T-Mobile Poland offers cheaper calls to Belarus

T-Mobile Poland has reduced rates of calls and SMS to Belarus. Depending on the customer’s tariff plan, the prices are up to 85 percent cheaper. 

Responding to the appeals of international organizations, local NGOs and Internet users, T-Mobile Poland is lowering the rates of calls and text messages to Belarus in order to facilitate contacts with people on the Belarusian side of the border. Depending on the segment, the reductions amount to 85% compared to the previous prices.  t-mobile poland belarus

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From the first signals that reached T-Mobile regarding the situation in Belarus, the operator analyzed the possibilities of facilitating contacts between Belarusians and Poles, concerned about the situation of families and friends on the other side of the border. As a result, the company has prepared two offer solutions, addressed to individual customers, which enable maintaining contacts without incurring high fees.

Packages for subscription customers t-mobile poland belarus

T-Mobile customers with a subscription with the “T” tariff (the vast majority of users) can easily activate a 30 or 70 minutes package (exchangeable for SMS) for calls to Belarusian landline and mobile numbers. The cost of a 30-minute package is PLN 10 incl. VAT. In the case of a package of 70 minutes for PLN 20 inc. VAT, the cost of one minute of connection is PLN 0.29 (85% reduction). Packet minutes are billed for every 60 seconds of connection started.

To activate the selected package:

  • in the case of 30 minutes (or SMSs), send an SMS with the text AKT30 to the number 80008,
  • in the case of 70 minutes (or SMSs), send an SMS with the text AKT70 to the number 80008

The reduced rates in the postpaid segment will apply until October 16.

Lower rates for customers using pre-paid and MIX offers

In the case of customers using T-Mobile pre-paid, MIX, Heyah pre-paid, Heyah MIX and tuBiedronka offers, the operator is preparing to reduce the call rate by half – from PLN 1.96 to PLN 99 per minute of connection. The rate was set at the level of prices applicable to calls to European Union countries (PLN per minute). The new rates will be launched in the coming days and will be valid until October 16, 2020. In both cases, the operator considers the possibility of extending this period if the disturbing events in Belarus continue.

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