T‑Mobile 5G Is Fastest

The leader in 5G with America’s largest 5G network now takes the speed crown in multiple third-party reports, too

T-Mobile customers get the fastest 5G download speeds, fastest 5G upload speeds and better 5G signal, according to data from Opensignal. Find out T mobile 5g phones offer below.

Mobile testing from research firm umlaut (formerly P3) across multiple major markets including Chicago, Houston, New York City and Washington DC also shows T-Mobile leading in 5G speed.

“Last year we blanketed the country in 5G, and now we’re layering on the capacity and speed. We closed out 2020 with over 100 million people covered with our Ultra Capacity 5G and we will extend this deployment nationwide by the end of 2021,” Neville Ray, president of Technology at T-Mobile, said.T-Mobile 5G speed 2020

Ericsson and Nokia are the 5G network suppliers for T-Mobile. Recently, T-Mobile signed a 5-year network deal with Ericsson and Nokia.

T-Mobile is America’s 5G leader, delivering the fastest 5G speeds in more places. With the largest nationwide 5G network, T-Mobile’s Extended Range 5G covers more than 280 million people across nearly 1.6 million square miles – offering 2.5x more geographic coverage than AT&T and nearly 4x more than Verizon.

T-Mobile brings download speeds of around 300 Mbps and peak speeds up to 1 Gbps. The Un-carrier’s Ultra Capacity 5G already reaches more than 1,000 cities and towns and covers 106 million people, 50x more than Verizon covers with Ultra Wideband.

Opensignal’s reports and insights are based on measurements of real experience. Its approach relies solely upon billions of device measurements shared by millions of real users every day – recorded in all the places where people actually live, work and travel.

Recent tests by umlaut in Chicago, Houston, New York City and Washington, D.C. found T-Mobile had the fastest average 5G download and upload speeds. Average download speeds for T-Mobile’s Ultra Capacity 5G clocked in at 218 Mbps across the four cities and reached a blazing 315 Mbps in Washington, D.C. As

T-Mobile 5G availability across the four cities was more than 90 percent. Testers on average spent 49 percent of time connected to T-Mobile’s Ultra Capacity 5G and just 5 percent of time connected to Verizon’s Ultra Wideband 5G.

T-Mobile from the beginning has taken a differentiated strategic approach to 5G, first building a low-band foundation with broad coverage, and then adding a layer of deep capacity and speed with mid-band 5G,” said Anshel Sag, senior analyst with Moor Insights and Strategy.

“We are now starting to see the results pay off in the two areas customers care about most – coverage and speed. At the current pace T-Mobile is building out these two crucial 5G bands, we expect its lead will continue into the foreseeable future.”

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  • Apple iPhone 12.
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  • SAMSUNG Galaxy S20 5G.
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