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SimpliSafe unveiled the third generation of its security system, re-built and re-designed to be a smaller, faster, stronger and more comprehensive home security platform

SimpliSafe Home Security introduced the all new SimpliSafe®, a complete re-design of its award-winning security system. SimpliSafe teamed up with global design firm IDEO to create a home security experience more beautiful, powerful and intuitive than ever before. Rebuilt from the ground up with new safeguards to create a latticework of protection against intruders, power outages, downed Wi-Fi, crowbars and everything in between.

Sensors are half the size with double the range. The system’s wireless Keypad is soft, smooth and wakes with a touch.  SimpliSafe also announced that a video doorbell, outdoor camera and smart lock will be available soon, as well as voice integration with Amazon’s Alexa.  The all new SimpliSafe is smaller, faster, and stronger, offered at the same revolutionary price that made SimpliSafe the fastest growing home security company* in the nation.

For the new SimpliSafe, we’ve improved everything,” said Chad Laurans, SimpliSafe’s founder and CEO. “It’s a doubling-down on SimpliSafe’s core mission from day one: to make the best home protection possible available at a price that is radically fair. There is nothing else like it.”

SimpliSafe – best home security system



Stronger. Faster. Safer.
The new SimpliSafe prepares for worst-case scenarios with an impressive array of backups.  The result is a home protection system that is truly built for the unexpected.

  • Twin cellular and Wi-Fi connections run in parallel, ensuring the user’s home is monitored even if their home phone line is disabled or Wi-Fi downed.
  • The Base Station is also reinforced with a backup battery that engages during power outages to supply continuous power for up to 24 hours.
  • With new bare metal firmware, this is the fastest SimpliSafe yet, with processing speeds five times greater than the previous generation.
  • SmashSafe technology makes sure that a home’s alarm signal reaches the authorities even if an intruder destroys the Base Station, Siren or Keypad.
  • Over-the-air updates offer seamless software upgrades in seconds.
  • Glassbreak & Motion Sensors have been precisely calibrated using three-phase detection algorithms and advanced data modeling. Glassbreak Sensors can differentiate between a smashed plate and a broken window. Motion Sensors are tuned to detect people and ignore pets.

Designed to Disappear in the Home and More Intuitive Than Ever
In partnership with IDEO, the new SimpliSafe was designed to be smaller, more responsive and intuitive. Sensors are now 50% smaller with double the range, so users can blanket their home with practically invisible protection.  Swept-front surfaces and tapered backs allow them to tuck into corners and disappear.

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Every sound, touch and voice prompt was designed to give users the correct feedback at the right times. The Base Station features a new LED light ring that provides users with the system’s status at a glance. Warm, friendly voice prompts guide users through installation and daily use. The new Keypad is soft, smooth and wakes with a touch. It has a bigger, brighter display, illuminated keys, and double the signal range. It’s entirely wireless, so users can place it right by their front door, where it will be the most useful.  Both the Base Station and Keypad are offered in two color options, Obsidian black and Cloud white.

Coming Soon: Video Doorbell, Outdoor Cameras, Smart Lock and Voice Control
In 2018, SimpliSafe plans to release a video doorbell, outdoor cameras, a smart lock, and Amazon Alexa voice integration.  These new products and features will make SimpliSafe the most comprehensive wireless home security platform.**  The new video doorbell features crystal clear 1080p HD, two-way audio and motion alerts. The HD outdoor camera is motion-triggered and equipped with a bright spotlight to ward off any would-be intruder. It is battery powered, capturing up to a year of crystal clear video clips on a single charge. The addition of a smart lock and upcoming Amazon Alexa voice integration makes it possible for users to arm their system, lock their doors, and set their cameras on guard, all with one simple voice command.

Pricing & Availability
The all new SimpliSafe will be offered with no increase in price. It comes in ready-made kits ranging from The Foundation at $229 to The Knox at $539. Customers can also create custom systems on SimpliSafe’s website. Individual sensors range from the $15 Entry Sensor to the $99 HD Camera. SimpliSafe’s 24/7 professional monitoring is offered at a revolutionary price of $15/month.  The company’s interactive monitoring provides 24/7 professional monitoring plus video verification of alarms, text message alerts, smartphone app controls, and camera footage storage for an unlimited number of cameras for just $24.99 per month.

SimpliSafe is available online at www.simplisafe.com and at select retailers.  The company also partners with financial service institutions, insurance carriers, and member associations to make home protection accessible to all.

  • SimpliSafe integrated with both Alexa and Google Assistant, so we had no trouble controlling the SimpliSafe security system using only our voices.
  • Installation was DIY or professional.
  • SimpliSafe’s app made it easy to control our system remotely and livestream footage, whether we were using an iPhone or Android.
  • If we didn’t want to pay monthly fees, we wouldn’t be able to control our system remotely and would not have received alerts about an alarm going off.
  • SimpliSafe’s indoor camera didn’t have person detection, so we got some false notifications from animal movement or cars on the road.



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