Roaming Bill Shock: 2000 francs on the Salt invoice after vacation in Bosnia

Luganese family: husband, wife and teenage son have accumulated shocking bills in Bosnia and Herzegovina

Image by Igor Paradzik from Pixabay

After spending the summer in the country of origin, Bosnia and Herzegovina, the trio returned to Ticino, Switzerland without imagining the surprise that awaited them. “We take the same vacation every year and take the necessary precautions,” explains Selena Golubovic, owner of two of the three utilities. “Both my husband and I turned off roaming before we left and, if that wasn’t enough, we set the airplane mode.” 


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Yet the bills speak for themselves. In all, they amount to 405 francs for the 39-year-old, 363 for her husband, and even to 1277 for her 16-year-old son. “It cannot be a coincidence,” the woman protests, who has resorted to thinking of a misunderstanding. “We were all very careful not to fall foul.”

Salt offered a discount (810 francs in total) for «good conduct» of customers, and asks for payment of the difference. “Sometimes users don’t turn off roaming properly when they are abroad,” explains Viola Lebel, a spokeswoman for Salt. The company also disputes the figures: the bill to be paid would be lower, but there would be no errors. Or better: not by the operator.  

In these cases, it happens that the phones activate automatic updates, and customers don’t even notice.” The bad surprises are not very frequent, but could happen. And the figures can skyrocket. “The first time we are understanding and we apply discounts on invoices – explains Lebel – but we recommend all customers to pay close attention to these risks”.  

The Golubovic family, for its part, does not fit. The two spouses reiterate that they have “correctly locked the phones” and do not intend to shell out a penny.  (via)

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