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Revolut eSIM Free Trial

Revolut offers eSIM Free Trial

As part of the launch of eSIM Data Plans, Revolut is offering a 7-day free trial eSIM Data Plan, to select Revolut Standard, Plus, Premium and Metal users residing in an Eligible Country.

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“Eligible Countries” for this Promotion are Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Croatia, Cyprus, Czech Republic (Czechia), Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain and Sweden.

The Free Trial will have the following features:

  • a choice of either a local, a regional or a global plan (the full list of included countries for your selection will be shown in the Revolut app before you begin your Free Trial);
  • 100MB of data; and
  • will be valid for 7 days.

These terms and conditions set out the rules that apply to the promotion. When participating in this free trial, the data plans with eSIM – General Conditions of Sale (1GLOBAL), including 1GLOBAL’s Terms of Service apply.

If you are invited to take part, you must activate your Free trial between 22 March 2024 at 00:01 UTC and 1 May 2024 at 23:59 UTC. It is called the “Promotion Period.”.

Who is eligible for this Promotion?

To be considered an “Eligible Participant” for this Promotion you must meet the following “Eligibility Criteria”:

  • have a residential address in an Eligible Country;
  • be invited to take part via the Revolut app; and
  • be a Revolut Standard, Plus, Premium or Metal user at the time you activate the Free Trial.

How to start Revolut eSIM Free Trial?

To activate your Revolut Free Trial, you will need to choose the 100MB introductory offer within the eSIM Data Plan selection page for the type of plan that you want to try (local, regional, or global) within the Revolut app.

Please note that the intended use of eSIM Data Plans is to consume data abroad outside of the areas included in your device’s primary SIM plan allowance.

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Set up once, connect worldwide

No WiFi? No problem. Set your eSIM up once (it’s fully digital), and top up anytime. With your eSIM connected, the Revolut app works without using up your data — so if you’re out, you can still top up.

Data plans for globetrotters

Get a plan that suits your travel needs. Choose from local, regional, or global plans across 100+ countries, to get great value data no matter what your itinerary looks like.

What other legal information should I know?
  1. eSIM Data Plans are provided by our partner TP Global Operations Limited, trading as 1GLOBAL. Revolut Ltd is an agent of 1GLOBAL for the purposes of marketing and facilitating the sale of eSIM Data Plans, and other ancillary activities. Please refer to the Data Plans with eSIM – General Conditions of Sale (1GLOBAL), including 1GLOBAL’s Terms of Service which apply during your Free Trial.
  2. We may change, suspend or end the Promotion earlier than the end date we’ve mentioned above if, in our reasonable opinion, the Promotion is being abused or may negatively affect Revolut’s goodwill or reputation. We may do this on an individual or promotion-wide basis.
  3. If we need to change, suspend or end the Promotion before the end of the Promotion Period, we will let you know through the Revolut app and/or email. Any changes to the Promotion Terms will not affect your rights, if you have already participated in the Promotion.
  4. Revolut will not be liable for any loss, whether directly or indirectly suffered, as a result of an event outside of its control which means we are unable to continue running the promotion as planned.
  5. You will lose access to the Free Trial if you close your Revolut Personal account or your account becomes suspended or restricted.
  6. You are not able to transfer or sell your Free trial to anyone else. We will not offer a cash alternative to the Free trial.
  7. Ultra users are not eligible for this promotion.
Upgrade Your Europe Trip – Explore eSIM Plans Today!
  • eSIM for Europe
    30 countries

  • eSIM for Europe
    39 countries
  • 1 GB – 7 days – €4.53
    3 GB – 30 days – €12.00
    10 GB – 30 days – €33.40airalo
  • eSIM for Europe
    29 countries
  • 500 MB – 1 day – €2.00
    3 GB – 30 days – €8.00
    10 GB – 30 days – €19.00 ubigi
  • eSIM for Europe
    36 countries
  • 1 GB – 7 days – €5.00
    3 GB – 15 days – €12.00
    10 GB – 30 days – €16.50 nomad
  • aloSIM
  • eSIM for Europe
    32 countries
  • 1 GB – 7 days – €4.61
    3 GB – 30 days – €11.99
    10 GB – 30 days- €34.12
    alosim logo
  • Instabridge
  • eSIM for Europe
    32 countries
  • 1 GB – 7 days – €3.73
    3 GB – 15 days – €8.45
    10 GB – 30 days- €17.40
    instabridge logo
  • Yoho Mobile
  • eSIM for Europe
    43 countries
  • 1 GB – 30 days – €4.64
    3 GB – 30 days – €8.46
    10 GB -30 days- €22.36
    yoho mobile
  • eSIM for Europe
    37 countries
  • 1 GB – 30 days – €4.18
    4 GB – 30 days – €6.95
    10 GB – 30 days – €11.96
  • Jetpac
  • eSIM for Europe
    28 countries
  • 1 GB – 30 days – €0.90***
    5 GB – 30 days – €11.00
    10 GB – 30 days – €22.85

    jetpac logo

* Get your Airalo discount code here. ** All packages include 100 Mins of local calls. ***Jetpac promo code: 1FOR1

 If you have any questions about which package to buy, please reach out to our friendly Customer Support team via email:

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