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Telia Estonia increases data roaming bundles for outside EU

In March, telecom operator Telia launched new daily and weekly packages for its customers that allow them to use a much larger amount of roaming mobile data when traveling outside the European Union. Telia Estonia data roaming bundles outside EU

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While previously daily packages intended for use outside the EU generally contained 100 megabytes (MB) of mobile data, then in the updated packages this amount in the most popular travel destinations of Estonians, including Turkey, the United Kingdom, the United States, Egypt, Switzerland and Thailand, is 512MB, that is more than five times more than before.

The weekly packages also contain significantly more capacity — in the most popular travel destinations, customers can now use 3GB of data, which is almost six times more than before.

If you want to use a little bit of mobile internet every day, it is a good idea to subscribe to a 7-day Weekly Plan in Estonia up to 7 days in advance.

If you have not opted for a Weekly Plan or MB-based pricing, you will be covered by the default Daily Plan, which keeps your internet costs under control for 24 hours.

If data roaming is switched on for your phone, you will immediately start using the internet abroad and the Daily Plan will be activated.

Daily Plan Telia Estonia data roaming bundles outside EU

The Daily Plan is renewed every 24 hours. If you have stopped using the Daily Plan and have switched off data roaming on your phone, the new Daily Plan will not be activated until you start using mobile internet again (for example, after 3 days and as long as data roaming was switched off on your phone, there is no Daily Plan charge).

The Daily Plan is automatically activated as soon as you or your device starts using the internet abroad.

Examples of Daily Plan activation
  • Removing airplane mode on a phone that has data roaming turned on in the settings, and the phone starts positioning the location, for example.
  • Ordering a taxi via an app
  • Opening an email application, which then automatically checks incoming emails.

If the 24-hour period of the Daily Plan expires and you do not want to use the next Daily Plan, you will need to turn off data roaming on your phone!

Weekly Plan

With the Weekly Plan, you can use mobile internet in countries where Telia offers the Weekly Plan service.

You can subscribe to the Weekly Plan up to 7 days in advance via the My Telia app or by SMS (see the Telia website for instructions). The Weekly Plan is activated the first time you use the internet on an external operator’s network after subscribing.

The Weekly Plan is valid for 7 days (168 hours) from activation, or until capacity is reached.

You can also pre-subscribe for the next Weekly Plan during the validity of an existing Weekly Plan when 75% of the capacity is used.

Before travelling outside the EU and deciding on the Daily or Weekly Plan, think about what you want/need to use mobile internet for and how much mobile internet you need!

For example:
  • whether you intend to send emails;
  • whether there is a need to transfer files by email;
  • whether there is a need to use a cloud document repository (Google Drive, Dropbox, etc.);
  • whether you want to navigate news portals or other websites;
  • whether you want to transfer, upload or download pictures and videos;
  • whether you want to use GPS, traffic or other location-based apps (Tripadvisor, Bolt, Uber, etc.);
  • whether you plan to use social networking apps (Messenger, Twitter, Skype, etc.).

Evelin Neerot, head of the internet solutions and voice telephony department at Telia, said that the company decided to increase the volumes in its roaming packages due to the changing usage habits of customers.

The previous daily and weekly packages had outlived their usefulness and no longer met the expectations of customers, which is why we decided to modernize the packages and offer customers more value. Thanks to the new packages, our customers can be more carefree in their use of mobile internet while traveling,” Neerot said.

According to her, in an increasingly digitized world, people have a clear expectation that mobile internet and various digital services can be conveniently used not only in their home country but also when traveling.

“The larger volume of daily and weekly packages than before will definitely make traveling more convenient, as people will not have such a great need to purchase local SIM cards while traveling,” Neerot added.

People who do not want to use mobile data while traveling abroad can turn off data roaming on their devices.


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