Qroam launches online wholesale trading tool with a mobile operator from France

Trading platform Qroam helps mobile operators with efficient commercial and legal roaming operations

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Qroam announced that it signed an agreement with a mobile operator from France.

Qroam was founded by Travelling Connect in the Netherlands and is the first online trading platform for roaming traffic. Marcel Wientjen, CEO of Qroam explains:” The basic idea of this platform is helping mobile operators reach attractive commercial agreements for medium to smaller roaming volumes in an easier and more efficient and automated way”.

Development of the Qroam platform has taken place in close cooperation with roaming managers in the industry. Wientjen states: “We have started development of the next two releases of the platform but will work closely with our customers to make it fit their needs; the end goal is to allow commercial roaming managers to do their work almost in a fully automated way, quicker, easier and at less cost.

Managing the long tail

There are many factors that have impacted the profitability of the roaming business units over the last year: regulations, a decrease in retail and wholesale roaming rates, a substantial increase in data traffic and growth in alternative roaming solutions. These are good reasons for all roaming managers to review the profitability of their roaming agreements. It often shows that there is still plenty of revenue and cost savings to be found with a large number of medium and smaller roaming partners who to date have not been actively negotiated with.

This French mobile operator comments on the relevance of such a platform: “The roaming business is quite a delicate and complicated industry, it is important that an online trading platform respects this complexity. The Qroam platform has been built to allow operators to do business as usual but in a less time-consuming way, and that, especially in these times, is a very welcome benefit”.

Qroam also signed already bid-only agreements amongst others with operators from Afghanistan, the Isle of Man, Sri Lanka and Tajikistan. This allows these operators to make bids on orders that have been put up by other mobile operators in the Qroam Platform.


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