Turkish public transportation networks in 40 provinces will accept contactless fare payments

Virtually the whole of Turkey is well covered by public transport, including long-distance buses, domestic flights, minibusses and ferries. The aged train network is being overhauled, with new high-speed lines linking the capital Ankara with İstanbul, Konya and Sivas. Late booking is the norm for public transport users in Turkey, but reserve well in advance for major public holidays – especially for flights and trains. Car rental rates are reasonable if you look around, and low-season rentals usually considerably cheaper than in high-season. public transport turkey

Residents and tourists using public transport services in 40 provinces across Türkiye will soon be able to make contactless fare payments with their credit, debit or prepaid card without needing to purchase a ticket or local transport pass. public transport turkey

To date, transport operators in 11 Turkish provinces — Balikesir, Elaziğ, Eskişehr, Hatay, Kütahya, Malatya, Mersin, Sakarya, Samsum, Van and Yalova —  have already implemented the fare payment system and it will now be rolled out gradually to cover “nearly half of the cities in Turkey”.

“Thanks to the system that enables the use of contactless foreign payment cards in transportation, the touristic value of the provinces covered in the project will also increase,” technology provider Asis Elektronik explains.

“Domestic or foreign tourists visiting these cities will be able to easily pass through the turnstiles with their contactless cards, without worrying about where to buy a ticket or transportation card to fill up.” If you are planning a tour to Turkey, check out some of the best available tours.

ASIS CT-City Technologies’ toll collection system is already used in 40 cities in Turkey.

About ASIS Electronics public transport turkey

ASIS Electronics, established in 2007 with the mission of “Smart Technology Management,” is a playmaker technology company that touches the lives of many people all over the world in the smart cities and fintech ecosystems in which it operates and develops hardware and software products.

ASIS Electronics, which is the market leader in Turkey with its strong capital structure and advanced technology-based engineering solutions, operates in the global market as the 13th biggest name in its field.

ASIS Electronics, with a staff of 350 engineers, is the main contractor in the transition to the digital transformation of cities aiming for high living standards with more than 400 billion transactions and over 1 billion dollars in transaction cost, by touching the lives of more than 30 million people with its software and hardware products whose intellectual property rights belong to it.

ASIS Electronics pioneering innovation with its integrated technology solutions on alternative payment channels redesigns the fintech payment ecosystem with the smart cities of the future. Today ASIS Electronics is ready for the future with every value it has added to cities since the very beginning.

Areas of activity

Smart Cities

  • Mobile Monitoring Systems
  • Access Control Systems
  • Electronic Toll Collection System
  • Passenger Information Systems
  • Micro Mobility Solutions
  • Electronic Control Systems

Financial Technologies

By converting the cards used in Electronic Toll Collection Systems from closed to open loop, it is aimed to make use of these cards for all payment transactions, to have all bank cards accepted by Electronic Toll Collection Systems, and to create a user-friendly system with new areas of use developed for the cards.


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