Brazilian telcos ordered to scrap Chile roaming fees by 25 January

Brazilian mobile phone providers have until January 25 to modify their roaming deals to comply with the Chile-Brazil accord. The operational handbook outlining how businesses must adapt in order to comply with Decree 10,949, revised in January 2022, was adopted by Anatel‘s Board of Directors yesterday during a deliberative circuit. brazil chile roaming fees

The result of a broader bilateral agreement, the decree determines the elimination of roaming charges between travelers from Brazil to Chile, and vice versa. All mobile operators, including virtual ones (MVNOs) must comply.

In practice, operators should charge those who are in transit in Chile the same rates charged internally in Brazil “when such consumers make and receive calls, send and receive messages (SMS) and use the mobile data service”.

The approved operational manual was prepared with the participation of the operators in the working group formed by Anatel to define the adaptation to the agreement. The rapporteur for the process at the agency was Counselor Artur Coimbra. According to its proposal, Anatel will monitor the result of the release of roaming with the South American country, including verifying respect for the quality of services offered abroad.

“It will be up to the telecommunications companies that offer the international roaming service to their customers to adopt specific measures necessary for the implementation of the provisions of the Agreement, within the period provided for in number 1 of art. 11.25 of the international treaty, that is, until January 25, 2023”, determines the judgment.

The matter has not yet been fully deliberated and regulated in Chile. Therefore, Coimbra also ordered Anatel technicians to submit for a new vote by the Board of Directors any changes in the agreement that occur due to changes in understanding by the Chilean regulators. The Chairman Carlos Manuel Baigorri and the Directors Alexandre Reis Siqueira Freire, Artur Coimbra de Oliveira and Vicente Bandeira de Aquino Neto took part in the deliberation. All the latest roaming news get here. brazil chile roaming fees



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