Poland’s Lajt mobile lowers the price of the top subscription

In the era of rising prices and announcements by the telecommunications industry about price increases next year, Lajt Mobile decided to lower the price even more in the richest plan. The discount applies, among others, to the No Limit L! option, in which the user can use 100 GB of Internet each month plus an additional 200 GB at night.

Currently, no other operator in Poland offers such a plan, with such a large 5G data transfer package – at such a low price.

All plans come with a full no-limit for mobile and landline calls and unlimited SMS/MMS messages. The first is a cheap option for people who do not use data transfer much – PLN 19.99 (PLN 9.99 for the first three months), the second is for people who need a large 60 GB data package for PLN 29.99 and the third plan is for people who need to provide an additional transfer to a laptop in the form of a hotspot – 100 GB during the day, 200 GB at night for PLN 39.99. Previously, the same plan cost PLN 44.99 per month.

The first one offers unlimited calls, SMSs and MMSs in the country and in EU roaming, as well as 10 GB of Internet in the country (including 1.94 GB in EU roaming). It all costs PLN 9.99 per month for the first 3 months, and then PLN 19.99 per month. No Limit L!. tariff plan includes: unlimited calls, SMSs and MMSs (domestic and EU roaming), 100 GB of internet + 200 GB at night (1am to 8am) for domestic use, including 7.84GB for EU roaming.

Offers such as Lajt Mobile are intended for people who really need such a large package each month during the day and an additional one for a night transfer.

They can be singles or students who do not pay to buy an additional offer for mobile internet and 100 GB of data transfer per month is enough for internet on a smartphone and laptop via a hotspot during the day, and 200 GB for night transfer, for example for updating or downloading large files – so, such a hybrid offer.

Comparing this to other similar offerings, we can only name one option here. Of course, there is nothing to compare with subscriptions, because in addition to the fact that they are much more expensive, such people’s life situations may change during these two years of commitment and they will want to choose a more optimal solution for themselves.

Lajt mobile provides its services using the telecommunications infrastructure of the Plus network. In tariffs Number 1! and No Limit L! you can use 5G technology, as long as you are within the range of the appropriate network and have a device that supports the latest mobile telephony standard.



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