Pros and Cons of Smartwatches

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Smartwatches have been around for a couple of years now, but they are still a relatively rare sight. There are both pros and cons to investing in a smartwatch, but as the technology matures and the kinks are ironed out, investing in a smartwatch is an increasingly attractive prospect. Pros and Cons of Smartwatches

Power users who are usually glued to their phones will appreciate the freedom that a smartwatch gives them if they are willing to pay the asking price, of course. Here are the pros and cons of buying a smartwatch in 2020. Pros and Cons of Smartwatches

Pro – Encourages A Healthy Lifestyle

Even the most basic smartwatches usually offer a step counter. More advanced smartwatches are able to provide a comprehensive range of services and apps that promote a healthier lifestyle. Anyone wanting to get a grip on their fitness and get in shape will find a smartwatch to be a useful ally. Many smartwatch fitness apps will also link up with smartphone counterparts, enhancing the utility of both.

Con – Price

The main drawback to smartwatches right now is their price. With such a high asking cost, many people are finding themselves thinking twice about buying a smartwatch, even though they are reasonably certain that they want one. Of course, there are smartwatches available at all price points now, but there is a significant difference between the low-end $30 smartwatches and the models Apple and Samsung are putting out.

Pro – You Don’t Need A Phone

Another common reason that lots of people are hesitant about buying a smartwatch is that they assume they need a smartphone to go with it. However, there are a variety of standalone smartwatches on the market that function just fine as individual units.

Con – Battery Life Can Be Limiting

Something that smartwatch manufacturers are still figuring out is the battery life. There are options that offer a long battery life, but these come with compromises in other areas. High-end smartwatches from Apple or Samsung will struggle to make it through an entire 24-hour day, especially for heavy users.

Pro – There Are Styles For Men And Women

Not everyone is a fan of the sleek techy look that some smartwatch manufacturers have gone with. For people who want something closer to a traditional watch in style and appearance, there is a range of options that mimic men’s’ and women’s’ watch styles. You can find some examples of women’s smartwatches here.

Pro – Convenience

A smartwatch enables you to view and respond to notifications from your smartphone, as well as changing the song you are listening to, adjusting the volume, and performing a range of other functions. This is much more convenient than having to constantly pull your phone out every couple of minutes to check it.

Smartwatches still have a way to go until they will achieve the same kind of mainstream appeal that smartphones have. However, it seems inevitable that smartwatches will ultimately reach that point. The latest high-end smartwatches offer an amazing experience, albeit at a premium cost.

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