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Nur Telecom offers free eSims

Kyrgyz operator Nur Telecom, working under the O! brand, has introduced to its customers the opportunity to activate eSims for free. The option is available in all service centres of the operator. Find out more about o! eSIM below.

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From October 5, 2022, all subscribers whose devices support eSIM technology can connect the innovation in any O!Store for free.

eSIM is a great way to get a second number on your smartphone, even if your phone isn’t dual SIM like some iPhone models. The technology will be convenient for those who use trackers, laptops and other smart home components (alarms, sensors, video cameras, household appliances, etc.).

  •  eSIM – the same SIM card, only without plastic. From it you can call, go online – everything you are used to;
  •  Different numbers for work and personal life, easy switching between them;
  •  Connection in just 5 minutes!


One of the main advantages of eSIM is security. If the smartphone is stolen, it will not be possible to use the phone, because only the owner of the virtual SIM can upload a new profile to the device and delete the old one. It is impossible to remove the eSIM from the phone, so if the smartphone is stolen, it will immediately lose its value to the criminal.

Choose a convenient tariff for yourself in the Oh! with a convenient form of payment – for a week or immediately for 4 weeks. On the website www.o.kg you will find special offers for smartphones: from economical packages with free communication in the O! up to unlimited with mobile TV and cinemas, tariffs for routers, modems, advantageous family packages, as well as options for smart devices.

How to connect an eSIM o! esim

  1. You must have a smartphone that supports eSIM. The list of current models can be found at the link: https://o.kg/ru/chastnym-klientam/support/esim/
  2. Bring your passport to any  O!Store  and get a unique QR code to activate your eSIM.


All the details of using eSIM, as well as information on favorable tariffs for connection, can be found on the o.kg website.

If you are travelling to Kyrgyzstan you can get SIM cards here or  eSIM here.


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