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MTS brings in new roaming service for long-term travellers

Russian operator MTS has introduced a new roaming option called “Everything For Travel”.  The option is designed for long trips, but it is also suitable for short trips when you need to communicate a lot and go online. mts roaming service

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When traveling abroad, it is important to have a reliable mobile connection – to call relatives, call a taxi, find the right places, stay in touch with friends and colleagues.

From February 01, 2023, we offer our customers to activate the “Everything for the trip” option and use communications abroad on special conditions when staying in popular countries for a long time: Armenia, Georgia, Kazakhstan, Turkey, Cyprus, Indonesia and Thailand.

The option has no monthly fee and is activated only if you go online, and make or receive a call abroad. At the same time, a one-time fee will be charged and Internet packages and minutes will become available, which can be used during the calendar month. Their volume depends on the host country. It is important that the packages included in the tariff are not consumed.

How to connect and disconnect: mts roaming service

  • In the application My MTS
  • In  the personal account
  • Dial the command: *111*897*1# to connect, *111*897*2# to disconnect

What is the price?

6900 ₽/month When the package of minutes is exhausted, the cost of outgoing calls to Russia and within the host country, all incoming calls – 29 ₽/min.
Outgoing SMS and calls to other countries (except Russia and the host country) are charged at roaming rates.

If during the calendar month, you used the option (there was a charge for the option), then turned off the option, then connected it and used the option again, then the charge will occur again (minutes and internet bundles will be provided in full).

Charges for the option are displayed in the  Personal Account and the My MTS application in the “Expenses Control / History of Expenses” section and on the invoice on the 1st day of the month of use at 00:00 local time of the connection region.

Compatibility mts roaming service

The option is available for connection on all tariffs and subscriptions, except for corporate ones.

If one more of the roaming options from the list* below is activated on your number, then when the “Everything for the trip” option is activated, they will be turned off automatically, and vice versa.

* “Zero Without Borders”, “Free Travel”, “BIT Abroad”, “Maxi BIT Abroad”, “Super BIT Abroad”, “Internet Restriction in International Roaming”, “Zabugorishche”, “Zabugorishche 072017”


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