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Smart devices, internet speed and innovative new apps are driving the growth of the mobile VoIP market

According to the Allied Market Research new report, the global mobile VoIP industry generated $49.23 billion in 2021 and is estimated to reach $327.5 billion by 2031, witnessing a CAGR of 21.1% from 2022 to 2031. The report offers a detailed analysis of changing market trends, top segments, key investment pockets, value chains, regional landscapes, and competitive scenarios.

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MobiIe VoIP is a type of cloud-based VoIP system and is usually a non-fixed solution. Just like a hosted VoIP system, it allows users to communicate conveniently using their Internet network. However, it also adds extra flexibility by allowing users to access their phone system using an Internet-based device (such as a smartphone) from anywhere that has an Internet signal. This is extremely convenient, as business leaders nowadays carry their smartphones, tablets, or similar devices almost everywhere they go! MobiIe VoIP allows people to stay connected while on the go at all times. It also streamlines all communications under one platform, acting as an efficient unified communication system.

Drivers, Restraints, and Opportunities mobile voip

An increase in penetration of smart devices along with high internet connectivity and a surge in the popularity of innovative and user-friendly applications boost the growth of the mobiIe VoIP market. In addition, the increase in advanced consumer electronics is positively impacting the growth of the mobile VoIP market. However, a lack of awareness about mobile VoIP software and a surge in security concerns hamper the mobile VoIP market growth. On the contrary, an increase in the adoption of cloud-based security applications is expected to offer remunerative opportunities for the expansion of the mobile VoIP market during the forecast period.

Covid-19 scenario

  • The growing adoption of work-from-home culture across developing nations and the increase in penetration of mobiIe VoIP services across employees positively impact the growth of the market. Lockdowns had been imposed by governments all around the world to stop the virus from spreading owing to which the demand for mobile VoIP apps has surged to keep staff working remotely.
  • The rise in usage of mobiIe VoIP apps in training and meetings has shown to be incredibly effective for many doctors and healthcare employees which positively impacts the growth of the market.

The android segment to maintain its dominance during the forecast period

By operating system, the android segment held the largest share in 2021, garnering nearly three-fourths of the global mobile VoIP market revenue, and is projected to maintain its dominance by 2031. The iOS segment would showcase the fastest CAGR of 22.4% during the forecast period. This is driven by the considerable increase in demand for luxury smartphones.

The Enterprise Model segment to rule the roost mobile voip

By model, the premium model contributed to more than two-thirds of the global mobiIe VoIP market share in 2021 and is projected to rule the roost by 2031. The enterprise model segment would display the fastest CAGR of 23.2% throughout the forecast period owing to the rise in the adoption of enterprise model by various businesses to improve productivity through effective routing based on skill set in developed and developing regions fuels the segment growth.

North America garnered the major share in 2021

By region, North America held the major share in 2021, garnering more than three-fifths of the global mobiIe VoIP market revenue, and is expected to dominate by 2031. This is due to the high penetration of mobile devices and faster internet connections in the U.S. and other major regions across North AmericaAsia-Pacific, on the other hand, would showcase the fastest CAGR of 23.7% from 2022 to 2031.

Leading Market Players’ mobile voip

  • Citrix System, Inc
  • Facebook, Inc,


What are the Mobile VoIP benefits?

MobiIe VoIP is becoming a very popular phone system option for both businesses and residential users. That’s because it offers flexible, convenient communication options using devices that most people already own and use every day. Take a look at just a handful of mobile VoIP’s many benefits:

Cost efficient

Like most cloud-based VoIP systems, mobile VoIP is one of the most cost-effective phone systems on the market. This is partly because little to no hardware is needed to get started, which allows you to save hundreds on your overall phone system costs. It also enables very cheap or free long-distance and international calling. Across the board, mobile VoIP solutions slash phone bills by streamlining all communication needs in one place.


More and more business professionals work remotely, communicate for business on the go, travel for work, or simply need to stay connected away from the desk. Mobile VoIP makes sense as a solution for so many people today because it cuts cords from phone systems. It allows you to transfer all your business communication needs to your mobile device, which can be carried with you anywhere.

Flexible features

Mobile VoIP does not just provide voice calling from your mobile device. When starting a mobile VoIP service, you can choose from dozens of the newest and latest communication features. For instance, mobile VoIP allows you to:

  • Send text messages
  • Engage in “live chat” with clients, customers, and co-workers
  • Conduct video calls and conference calls
  • Screen-share or file share

Avoid hidden costs

Why choose mobile VoIP over a traditional cell phone plan? Well, for one, you’ll save tons of money by avoiding common hidden costs that cause cell phone invoices to spike.  Mobile VoIP gives you more ways to communicate without charging you extra. For instance, take a look at some of these commonly included benefits when choosing mobile VoIP:

  • Anytime minutes
  • Long-distance and international calls
  • Roaming charges



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