QR code ticketing in Hong Kong

MTR and Alipay to launch QR Code ticketing in Hong Kong

MTR Corporation and AlipayHK announce that a brand-new QR code payment service will be launched in the MTR heavy rail network on 23 January 2021. QR code ticketing in Hong Kong

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Passengers can tap the entry/exit gates with “QR Code Ticket” on the MTR Mobile or EasyGo of AlipayHK, marking a new milestone of MTR’s efforts in promoting smart mobility and enhancing customer experience. QR code ticketing in Hong Kong

MTR is committed to providing passengers with diverse and flexible payment options to make their journeys more convenient. The Corporation awarded a contract to AlipayHK in 2018, commissioning the company to design and build a new electronic payment system for the heavy rail network (except Airport Express stations), and AlipayHK has 12 months’ exclusivity in using the system to provide the service. The system is compatible with e-wallets of other service providers which can provide QR code payment service for passengers to travel on the MTR in future.

MTR Corporation and AlipayHK announced the details of the service in a joint press conference today. Passengers can travel on the MTR with a QR code simply by binding AlipayHK to MTR Mobile and using “My Ticket” on the MTR app, or using “EasyGo” on AlipayHK. There will be at least two entry/exit gates accepting QR code payment at every array of gates at all 93 heavy rail stations (except Airport Express stations) and they will be wrapped with prominent purple stickers. There will also be signage at stations facilitating passengers to identify the relevant gates.

“MTR Corporation has been actively using technology to continuously enhance customer experience. Mobile payment has been an important focus of the Corporation’s digital transformation and the launch of QR code payment for travelling on the MTR is a major milestone. Moving with the times, we will continue to introduce more mobile payment options in the future making the travelling experience smarter, providing further convenience to passengers with smart mobility,” said Ms Jeny Yeung, Commercial Director of MTR Corporation.

20% rebate for each trip

“Smart Mobility is the essential element of developing a Smart City, where AlipayHK is committed to providing users an alternative way to travel. With the features of convenience, safety and seamlessness, AlipayHK believes EasyGo could make AlipayHK the first digital wallet which supports travelling on MTR with QR Code in Hong Kong. While AlipayHK is integrating MTR, the transportation with the largest carrying capacity in Hong Kong, we are pleased to welcome the arrival of era of EasyGo,” said Ms Jennifer Tan, Chief Executive Officer of Alipay Payment Services (HK) Limited. QR code ticketing in Hong Kong

Different tickets to suit different passenger groups are available on “My Ticket” of MTR Mobile and “EasyGo” of AlipayHK. Passengers travelling with QR code on the MTR will also enjoy a 20% rebate for every trip until 31 March 2021 (other MTR fare promotions and Public Transport Fare Subsidy Scheme are not applicable to QR code payment). Moreover, passengers using MTR Mobile for travel can earn MTR points for redeeming rewards, while AlipayHK users can earn stamps which can be used across Hong Kong. AlipayHK users can register for the lucky draw in the app to win EasyGo e-coupons totalling HK$300. Please refer to the annexe for details about “My Ticket” of MTR Mobile and “EasyGo” of AlipayHK. Passengers can also visit the MTR website www.mtr.com.hk and the AlipayHK website www.alipayhk.com for details about the new service.



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