Malta has cheapest broadband internet in Western Europe

Research conducted by has found that Malta has the cheapest cost per megabit in Western Europe. The research, which examined the cost of broadband in 220 countries worldwide, found that consumers in Malta access broadband internet for €0.07 per megabit, 2 cents less than Andorra, Spain and Portugal which came next on the list. cheapest internet in europe

When considering the cost of internet access worldwide, in US Dollars, Malta places twelfth cheapest at $0.08 per megabit.


When analysed on a cost per megabit basis in US Dollars, the results showed several countries in Eastern Europe including Romania, Poland, Hungary, and Slovakia, together with Singapore and Thailand, leading the list.

Western Europe broadband prices cheapest internet in europe

The 29 countries measured in Western Europe span the middle to the lower end of the table, with none in the top 50 and two in the bottom 50. The regional average price of USD 49.56 makes it the seventh cheapest of the 13 global regions overall. The cheapest in the region was Italy (USD 27.70, 58th), followed by Germany (USD 27.81, 59th) and France (USD 28.92, 61st). The most expensive was Norway (USD 89.10, 185th), followed by the Faroe Islands (USD 78.83, 176th) and Iceland (USD 69.65, 168th).

Harald Roesch, Chief Executive Officer at Melita Limited, said, “Our mission is to deliver communication products that rank top tier in Europe for value; the results of this research show that we have succeeded.  This is the good news for Malta, which enjoys an excellent reputation for the quality and resilience of its telecommunications infrastructure.”

“The investment which our industry, particularly Melita, has made to bring superfast internet to the whole country, together with the vibrant competition that exists between providers, continues to deliver quality services to customers at some of the best prices globally,” Roesch said.


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