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Lithuania to require eSim activation within 10 minutes of customer request

Lithuania to require eSim activation within 10 minutes of customer request. Lithuanian regulator RRT has approved a new regulation on remote activation of mobile services, also through the mobile number porting service. The latest update of the Law on electronic communications is designed to promote the use eSims. Lithuania eSim activation

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State authorities and providers of electronic communications services have agreed on a model according to which embedded subscriber identification modules (eSIM) technology will be implemented in Lithuania. All the necessary steps were presented in a completed eSIM study. The Ministry of Transport and Communications considers eSIM technology and the new possibilities that will be introduced with its implementation to be very significant, promoting the development of new technologies.

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“A great variety of Internet of Things devices – if not today – will certainly become a reality in the near future. eSIM technology, together with the development of 5G networks, will enable the mass application of Internet of Things solutions across different sectors. We hope that during 2022, the Communications Regulatory Authority and mobile communication service providers will implement the actions proposed in the eSIM promotion model through productive cooperation, and we will be able to be proud as a country that is not only one of the first in the world to establish legal regulation conducive to the Internet of Things, but also to implement a breakthrough in this field,” said Deputy Minister of Transport and Communications Agnė Vaiciukevičiūtė at the eSIM study presentation conference.

Today, switching service providers requires physically changing the SIM card. Once the eSIM technological solutions are implemented, the user will not have to change the SIM card physically – the service provider will be changed remotely by using the eSIM pre-installed in the device by the manufacturer or a physical eSIM.

The model for promoting the use of eSIM in Lithuania is based on international practice, detailed analysis of technical standards and the current situation in Lithuania, providing a clear operating scheme for services based on eSIM technology, which includes technical, security, legal and organisational measures to be implemented by state authorities and providers of electronic communications services.

In this model, the State would not be directly involved in the provision of services and operators would use separate subscriber management systems for the provision of services and for the remote switching of the service provider. Completing the study and creating the model is only one of the steps.

“We are pleased to say that a month ago, another step was taken leading to faster eSIM deployment – the adoption of the Law on Electronic Communications, which provides for the right for consumers to receive communication services with eSIM and, if necessary, to change the communication service provider remotely. This part of the law will come into force on 2023,” noted the Deputy Minister. Lithuania is one of the first countries in the world to regulate the implementation of eSIM.

The Deputy Minister also pointed out that next year, the Ministry of Transport and Communications will launch a new Sandbox initiative for transport innovations, which will promote testing and practical application of innovative solutions in various fields under real-life conditions. Business, academia representatives and their consortia interested in implementing 5G, Internet of Things and eSIM-based solutions will be invited to participate and receive the necessary funding.

Regulation of eSIM services in the Law on Electronic Communications and the eSIM study were initiated by the Ministry of Transport and Communications. The study was prepared by Ernst & Young Baltic UAB together with a competent team of Lithuanian and foreign experts led by the Communications Regulatory Authority.  Lithuania eSim activation


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