Lifecell 5G roaming

Lifecell offers 5G roaming

Ukrainian operator Lifecell announced that its customers can now access 5G roaming services in several countries. The option is available in Bulgaria, Austria, Finland and the Dominican Republic. The operator plans to expand the list in the future. Lifecell 5G roaming

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Due to the war, many Lifecell subscribers had to leave Ukraine. The mobile operator is committed to offering them the best conditions for communication.

Now, Lifecell subscribers in Bulgaria, Austria, Finland, and the Dominican Republic, whose devices support 5G standards, can experience the advantages of this new generation of connectivity. The list of countries where Lifecell subscribers can access the new standard will continue to expand. The fifth generation of mobile networks provides high-speed data transmission without delays, high channel capacity, and the potential for the development of modern technologies such as telemedicine, sensory internet, tactile internet, secure autonomous transportation, and more.

Since the start of the full-scale invasion by Russia into Ukrainian territory, Lifecell has assisted Ukrainian subscribers abroad to stay connected, thanks to support from international operators. As part of the “Gigabytes without Borders” campaign, the operator provides up to 40 GB in over 30 European countries. Over 500,000 subscribers have already received more than 30 million GB through this campaign. In the “Minutes for Ukraine” campaign, available in over 8 countries, subscribers receive up to 300 minutes for calls to Ukraine and incoming calls from their homeland, depending on their tariff plan. In total, Lifecell subscribers have used more than 12 million minutes through the “Incoming Calls Free of Charge” campaign, which ran in 12 countries in 2022, and the ongoing “Minutes for Ukraine” campaign in 8 countries.

Regarding the development of 5G in Ukraine, Lifecell and Ericsson Ukraine deployed a demo segment of the fifth-generation network in 2019 and successfully tested the speed, achieving a peak data download throughput of 25.6 Gbps in the ultra-high-frequency range of 28 GHz. In 2020, the operator deployed a test segment of 5G in its central office in Kyiv to explore the technology’s capabilities.

After Ukraine’s victory and the restoration of communication in the liberated territories, the operator will resume further planning and implementation of advanced communication technologies.


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