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Hrvatski Telekom relaunches eSimpa prepaid offer

Hrvatski Telekom introduces a new eSimpa offer that brings a unique service, allowing users to have complete control over their expenses and three days of unlimited internet every month. eSimpa prepaid

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The new eSimpa offer is tailored to the needs and preferences of prepaid users, focusing on two key categories – a larger amount of data traffic and preventing any additional costs, as the consumption is automatically stopped when the option expires or when all the data from the option is used.

eSimpa: Complete Control & Unlimited Internet for Users

For users who forget to purchase an option and have their current one deactivated due to insufficient funds, for example, the usage of data traffic will be temporarily stopped to avoid additional costs, as the data consumption will revert to the basic tariff. Users will be immediately notified about this additional protective measure once it is implemented.

The new eSimpa options also provide users with three days of unlimited internet every month for the next 12 months, which can be used at any time they desire. Those who become eSimpa users and activate eSimpa options by June 30 will enjoy this benefit at no additional cost.

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The activation of three days of unlimited internet outside the promotional period costs 3.49 EUR.

Another novelty is the new eSimpa XS option, which includes 2000 minutes and SMS messages, as well as 5 GB of internet data for 9.99 EUR. This option also offers the same benefits as other eSimpa options, meaning there are no additional charges for data traffic once the included gigabytes are consumed or when the option expires. Any remaining data will be carried over to the next month. After the option expires or the data is consumed, users receive a reminder to activate a new monthly eSimpa option.

Unlimited Internet, SOS Option & User-Centric Benefits

To ensure that users can still be online after consuming all their data or when their option expires and complete their tasks, an SOS option is available, providing them with 2 GB of data for consumption during the next 24 hours, at a price of 0.13 EUR, which offers the best surfing experience at the most favorable conditions.

“Hrvatski Telekom is a leader in trends in Croatia, and we have repeatedly been the first to introduce new services and solutions to the market, always considering the needs and experiences of our customers. For example, we were the first to introduce the MAXtv service in Croatia and revolutionize the way people watch television. We were the first to launch a commercial 5G network, putting us on par with the most advanced countries in the EU and the world… And now we are doing something that no one has done in Croatia. We are providing prepaid users with what is truly important and necessary to them – even more favorable conditions, additional flat-rate data, flexible and simple solutions, transparency, and complete cost control at all times,” said Diego Perez Tenessa de Block, Director of the Mobile Services Offer Department at Hrvatski Telekom.

In the new digital eSimpa options, unused units are carried over to the next month, there are no call setup fees and other benefits that users can enjoy through the Moj Telekom application.



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