Kena Mobile offer: 100GB data and unlimited calls for €9.99 a month

Telecom Italia’s Kena Mobile low-cost brand is set to launch a new flash offer with 100GB of data on TIM’s 4G network plus unlimited calls and SMS for EUR 9.99 a month. kena mobile offer

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The time-limited ‘operator attack’ offer will only be available to customers porting their number from Iliad and some other MVNOs including Iliad, Poste Mobile and other MVNOs: Compagnia Italia Mobile; Bladna Mobile; BT Italia; BT Italia Enia; Conad; Daily Telecom Mobile; Digi Mobil; Green Telecommunications; Intermatica; Lyca Mobile; NetValue;  Nextus;  Noitel;  NTmobile;  Optima; Plintron; Welcome Italy.

The following are excluded: Ho Mobile, Tre, Vodafone, Fastweb, Tiscali, Coop Mobile, Very Mobile and Rabona.

For EU roaming is included 5GB in 3G networks.

Activation and SIM cards are free and customers simply have to commit to the first EUR 10 top-up.

HOW TO ACTIVATE Kena Mobile offer

  • Directly online by clicking on the BUY button found at the top right of this page
  • From the Kena Mobile App (available for Android and for iPhone )
  • At  Authorized Stores
  • By calling  Customer Service 181 for  free

About Kena Mobile kena mobile offer

Kena Mobile is a telecommunications company that provides mobile phone services in Italy. The company offers various services, including voice, text, and data services, along with various mobile phone plans.

One of the main features of Kena Mobile is its flexible pricing model, which allows customers to tailor their plan to their specific needs. For example, customers can choose to pay a flat rate for unlimited data usage, or they can opt for a more flexible plan that allows them to pay only for the data they use.

Kena Mobile also offers a variety of value-added services, such as international roaming and online customer support. Additionally, the company has a strong focus on sustainability, offering eco-friendly products and services, and using renewable energy to power its network.

Kena Mobile is committed to providing high-quality mobile services at an affordable price, and its flexible pricing model and value-added services make it an attractive option for mobile phone users in Italy. Whether you’re looking for a budget-friendly plan or a more flexible and customizable option, Kena Mobile is a great choice for your mobile phone needs.


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