KC Wearable Smart Helmet

KC Wearable Launches COVID-19 Symptom Detector

KC Wearable, a leading smart wearable technology and innovation company, is today launching its smart helmet for fast-screening fevers in public spaces in the fight against COVID-19.

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Every corner of society and the economy will need to do its part to get through the current pandemic. Whilst medical technology won’t solve all the problems, it can and will be crucial.

The KC Wearable Smart Helmet allows the user to monitor up to 13 people’s temperatures at any one time, with up to 200 individuals being scanned per minute. This could prove vital as governments around the world seek to curb the spread and potential re-emergence of COVID-19.

Following significant success in China, the helmet is now launching internationally. With over 80 million people already scanned to date, it has consistently proven its accuracy (over 96%) and straightforward utility. This is particularly important given that the KC helmet is designed to be used everywhere – from hospitals and airports to parks and pubs. As countries and communities move beyond self-isolation, transitioning in a safe and responsible way will be vital.

Dr Jie Guo, Global Head at KC Wearable, said, “COVID-19 continues to pose unparalleled challenges to our way of life around the world. Amidst the chaos, there are two overriding priorities. Firstly, protecting the health and safety of our citizens; and then getting back to our normal way of life. The KC helmet is our first step in achieving both aims.”

The KC Wearable Smart Helmet’s flexibility and adaptability are key markers that differentiate it from more traditional infrared thermal imagers. This means the helmet can be worn by the user or fixed on a tripod, as well as being usable day or night. Results can be tracked and illustrated on a screen in real time, and also shared on an individual basis with those being scanned.

This early success has already led to the helmet securing orders from AsiaEurope, and Africa.

To find out more about the KC Wearable Smart Helmet, please visit the following website: https://www.kcwearable.com/enpc/index.html.


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