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Iran Air Tickets Available to Book Through Eligasht

Booking a direct flight to Tehran in Iran may not be as easy as it sounds. Thanks to numerous online booking websites, buying a flight ticket has never been as easy, yet if a customer is looking to book a direct flight to Tehran surprisingly they won’t find anything online. travel to iran

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Iran Air is the flag carrier of Iran and operates three weekly direct flights from London Heathrow Airport Terminal 3 to Tehran Imam Khomeini Airport and vice versa. Flight days are Tuesdays, Thursdays and Sundays every week. Departure flight time from London is usually at 16:55 and arrival to Tehran is at 02:30 am next day. Iran Air flight leaves Tehran at 11:05 and arrives in LondonHeathrow by 14:10. Flight duration is approximately 6 hours and all the mentioned times are local. There might be a slight variation on flight times during different seasons.


So if there is no way to book a direct flight online, then how should a customer book a ticket to Tehran?

At the moment they can only book Iran Air Tickets through a travel agent, and only few travel agents provide this service.

Eligasht Travel was founded 20 years ago in the Middle East and very quickly became one of the largest travel companies in the region. They established as a specialised tour operator providing tailor-made travel packages while heavily investing in technology. Eligasht launched an inhouse developed booking platform in 2014 enabling it to consolidate itself as an online travel company in the market while maintaining their position in their traditional business model as a holiday package maker. Eligasht has an appetite for implementing cutting edge technology and continually upgrades its booking platform with the latest technology to improve their customer experience. As part of their growth strategy, Eligasht expanded into the UK market in 2017 as a British entity with a team of highly qualified professionals and with the aim of offering a high quality of service travel packages at competitive prices.

Eligasht travel is also among the few companies providing Iran Air flight booking service. Bookings have to be made over the phone, and all that needs to be done is call their call centre and customers can purchase their ticket in a few minutes. Apart from booking flights, Eligasht provides a wide range of travel services including hotel booking, visa services, ultra-luxury cruise lines and tailor-made travel packages. Eligasht leverages its large customer base and experience to negotiate exclusive deals while offering high-quality service.


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