How to send large or heavy files from your mobile?

The transfer of files between devices is something that we all need. Instant messaging applications sometimes can help but they do not support very large files sending.

Here are some alternatives to problem.


All Android and iOS devices allow Bluetooth connections and this is a simple way to transfer files without using an Internet connection. The only drawback of this procedure is that it does not work between mobiles of different operating systems

To send a file via Bluetooth on Android, we will have to open the “File Manager” on the source phone and once here, select the file that we are going to share. Once the file is selected, the phone will search for the recipient, we will pair it accepting the transfer and we will only have to wait for it to be made.

In the case of iPhone, the best solution is to use AirDrop . To activate it we will have to go to Settings> General> AirDrop , and activate the option “Only Contacts”. We can also activate “All”, but for security it is preferable to limit the transfers to phones that we know.

With AirDrop enabled, all we have to do is choose your option when we go to share the file, and in the same way as in Android with Bluetooth, accept that they are paired and wait for the transfer to finish.

Google Drive

The options we have seen so far are quick and useful, but require that the devices be close to each other. If we want to send heavy files to a device that is not within our reach , we have two very useful alternatives.

The first is Drive, the file hosting service in the Google cloud. Sharing a heavy file from Drive is as simple as uploading it to the platform from your own mobile application and then sharing the link with the contact you want to pass the file to so that it can be downloaded completely intact on the device you want.

With Drive we can send files of up to 5 TB of weight , but the free version only allows us up to 15 GB of storage, something that is not a problem because with deleting the file after having downloaded it in the other device we have free space again.


The second and alternative option is the WeTransfer file transfer service . From your own application we can share any file or set of these with a size of up to 10 GB completely free and in the same way as in Drive, we will obtain a download link to share with which we can download the elements where we want.


Finally, we propose the Telegram instant messaging application as an alternative solution. And from here we can share files of up to 1.5 GB without compression , something that WhatsApp should take note of . The only disadvantage of Telegram is that in order to use it it must have been downloaded in both devices, but if it is already it is one of the fastest routes.


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