Air Quality app

How clean will the air be tomorrow? The data you require is available in this app

Through AirCare it is possible to access daily data and forecasts of indicators such as the air quality index, levels of pollutants and pollen, as well as the UV index: both for the area where you are and for other locations of your choice. Air Quality app

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Keeping an eye on the air quality is crucial for people with respiratory issues, especially during the spring or summer or in places with greater levels of environmental pollution. You may use AirCare on your smartphone to access all the information you require, and additional capabilities have recently been added.

A young man from North Macedonia named Gorjan Jovanovski launched the app in 2014 after deciding to use data from monitoring stations to provide a digital solution to his nation’s air pollution issues.

The country’s government’s inactivity was the cause of many people taking to the streets when the app started to be downloaded. The North Macedonian government eventually began to enact more eco-friendly regulations, and AirCare kept expanding, ultimately winning a prize at the 2020 United Nations World Summit Awards.

Users of AirCare get access to daily statistics and forecasts for indicators like the UV index, pollen and pollution levels, and the air quality index, both for their immediate surroundings and for other regions of their choosing. Additionally, fire zones can be found all over the earth. Air Quality app

What you get:
– AQI – Air Quality Index: Stay safe from air pollution in any country around the world
– Pollen Tracking and Forecasts: Avoid allergies by following 3 types of pollen in the US and Europe (Tree, Grass etc)

Both iOS and Android users can get AirCare from the App Store. In addition to the free mode, the application provides a paid Pro mode that costs 1.59 euros per month or 15.99 euros per year and unlocks additional capabilities.

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