Fastest Growing App now available in 9 languages including English, French, German, Malay and Spanish

Fastest Growing App Now in 9 Languages

MuslimMatch, the fastest growing halal match making app for Muslims worldwide, went multilingual by adding French, German, Dutch, Russian, Turkish, Bahasa, Malay and Spanish. Catering to 1.7 B Muslims worldwide, provides a safe and halal platform for them to find their life partner.

Under, headquartered in Dubai, the matchmaking sites include,,,, and

Initially launched in English language during July 2018, the app has seen phenomenal growth in US, UK, other European countries and the Middle East. It soon became the fastest growing app in these geographies.


Some interesting features of app

  • Women get to see who has viewed/ liked their profile.
  • Women can directly initiate a chat with profiles which are a mutual match
  • Selfie and phone verification features to ensure safety of users
  • Manual screening of 100% of profiles to weed out non-serious users
  • Advanced filters to search for profiles matching members’ lifestyle and religious practices

When users shared feedback that they’d be more comfortable if the app was available in their native language, MuslimMatch decided to take the multilingual route.

MuslimMatch is in the process of adding other languages like Arabic that customers can choose going forward.

The services will be available for the iOS and Android platforms.

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