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Latvia is a small country in Northern Europe, part of the EU, with 3 major telecom companies and a total of 3.1 million mobile connections.

Latvia prices compared to those in the EU: According to the European Commission’s Digital Economy and Society Index (DESI) report of 2021, Latvia has lower prices for mobile broadband and telephony compared to the EU average.

Latvia Price Trends: According to the DESI report, Latvia’s prices for mobile and fixed broadband have been decreasing over the years, showing a downward trend. The report also states that Latvia is one of the most affordable countries in the EU when it comes to mobile broadband prices.

For a 5 GB (data only) SIM card you will have to pay around €5-€10, which is below the EU average of €16.02.

Regulatory Agency: Public Utilities Commission of Latvia (SPRK) Latvia telecoms

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Latvia Roaming

Latvia, as a member of the EU, implements “roam like at home” rules which mean that when you use your mobile phone while travelling outside your home country in any EU country you don’t have to pay any additional roaming charges.

You benefit from these rules when calling (to mobile and fixed phones), sending text messages (SMS) and using data services while abroad. These rules also apply when receiving calls or texts while roaming even if the person you are calling is using a different service provider.

You pay exactly the same price for using these services when travelling in the EU as you would if you were at home.

Mobile users must be aware that outside EU countries, on ships, cruisers, planes, etc. there are still roaming charges and they can be very high. We can help you to avoid them and find the best solutions for your needs. Find the best roaming solution for Latvia or any other country:  Alertify now.

eSIM cards for Latvia

We do recommend eSIM cards when traveling: no more swapping of physical 
SIM cards, everything is automated on your phone through easy to fill 
out codes. The downside of eSIM cards is that they are data-only SIM 
cards and calls are not supported. Check out Latvia eSIM deals:

1 GB With no expiration =  €2.21
3 GB With no expiration =  €6.44
5 GB With no expiration =  €10.40
10 GB With no expiration = €19.89
Choose between daily, monthly or plans with no expiration


SIM cards for Latvia

Prepaid Austria sim cards include free data roaming in the EU. Sometimes 
it is capped, so always ask when buying a sim card. Free EU roaming 
means the sim card you buy in Madrid or Barcelona can also be used in 
Paris, Prague or even Oslo. Free EU roaming on Spain SIM cards is great 
for those that arrive in Spain and travel to more countries in Europe 
on the same trip.

Or you can get a daily, monthly, or even SIM card for Austria without 



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