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The European Commission proposes an investment of €120 million to promote access to wireless connectivity in public places, Europe WiFi. Free Wi-Fi would then be available in parks, squares, libraries, public buildings to benefit citizens and institutions with a public mission.

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One voucher per municipality = €15,000                     WiFi4EU-2020-01 (Call 4) is coming in spring 2020




Everyone: WiFi4EU will give free internet access to local residents and visitors throughout the entire EU in the main centres of community life (parks, squares,  libraries, public buildings, etc.).


Municipalities or groups of municipalities:

  • Who would like to offer digital public services such as eGovernment, eHealth, eTourism, etc.
  • Who seek funding for equipment  and installation and can provide free  connection to their community for at  least 3 years


  1. Registration: uploading/updating supporting documents
  2. Application: first come, first  served basis with geographical balance
  3. Selection: winners announced
  4. Signature: of agreements with municipalities
  5. Installation of Wi-Fi  equipment


  • Municipalities need to ensure that  the internet access is guaranteed  for at least 3 years.
  • WiFi4EU-funded networks must be  free of charge, free of advertising and free from commercial re-use of data
  • Installations should not duplicate  existing free private or public Wi-Fi access.
  • Municipalities are free to select  the Wi-Fi installation company of their choice.

Europe WiFi 2019 Highlights

  1. During 2019, there were two WiFi4EU calls for applications in April and September 2019. More than 10,000 municipalities applied for a WiFi4EU voucher in each call and 5,180 municipalities from across the 30 participating countries received a voucher;
  2. WiFi4EU payments started rolling out and the first municipality to complete and receive a payment was Wiesfleck from Austria;
  3. WiFi4EU Stories featured 18 winning municipalities in different phases of implementation, from 14 participating countries;
  4. Initiated by Commissioner Mariya Gabriel, more than 80 municipalities across Europe received a symbolic WiFi4EU voucher;
  5. More than 70% of the eligible entities in Bulgaria, Croatia, Greece, Ireland, Lithuania, Portugal and Slovenia have received WiFi4EU vouchers;
  6. More than 26,000 eligible entities from the 30 participating countries are currently registered to the WiFi4EU Portal;
  7. More than 1,200 new members have joined the WiFi4EU Community on Futurium, where municipalities and companies give feedback on the initiative and share best practices;
  8. During 2019, six dedicated webinars were hosted for BCOs and Wi-Fi installation companies in order to facilitate and answer questions regarding implementation;
  9. “A Europe fit for the digital age” was listed as one of the priority policy areas of the new European Commission, which WiFi4EU aims to achieve.
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