Costa Rica’s New Biometric Passport Revealed

Designed by the Essential Costa Rica nation brand team, this document will put the essence of Costa Rica in the hands of millions of people

The new layout expected to roll out in 2022, was commissioned to complement the adoption of biometric technology standards

Early next year, Costa Rica’s official passport will be updated to meet the world’s highest biometric standards, ranking it at the forefront of global identification technology. The announcement was made on September 2nd at the Essential Costa Rica Nation Brand Annual Conference of licensee companies and brand ambassadors. costa rica biometric passport

What is a biometric passport? According to Costa Rica’s General Director of Migration and Foreigners, Raquel Vargas, a biometric passport is a traditional passport with an embedded microchip containing the holder’s biometric data such as facial characteristics, fingerprints, and personal information.

“This passport elevates us to the highest level in global mobility trends. Its high-tech components prevent forgery and alteration, making it extremely secure,” she added.

In addition to being used in Costa Rican passports, Vargas noted that biometric technology will be available in safe-conduct and travel documents for refugees and foreigners, exit and entry permits, and neighboring country permits for individuals living in border areas.

For the new passport’s design, the General Directorate of Migration and Foreigners had the support of the Essential Costa Rica nation brand team. After complying with all security guidelines, the group oversaw the graphic composition of each page, including visual images that capture the essence of Costa Rica.

Pedro Beirute Prada, President of the Essential Costa Rica Nation Brand Committee, added, “It was a complex and challenging project because we chose a design that would promote the country integrally. We wanted Costa Rica’s trademark symbols embedded within each page of the passport, and we are very proud of the results. This project will put the essence of Costa Rica in the hands of millions of people.”

For her part, Vice-Chancellor of Foreign Affairs, Adriana Bolaños, highlighted the diplomatic advantages that the biometric passport will bring. “The impact is clear. We will operate using the highest security measures by complying with international standards on par with developed countries. This, in turn, will characterize us as a country at the forefront of digital transformation. Our discussions with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Worship foresee a green, sustainable, inclusive recovery with a profound technological and digital transformation. It is a move that opens doors for us on the international level and ensures that our citizens will be identified abroad securely and reliably,” she said.

Government authorities announced that the new format is expected to launch in the first quarter of 2022. However, currently issued passports will remain valid for their entire duration, making it unnecessary to seek a renewal before the stated expiration date.

Designed by Costa Ricans costa rica biometric passport

This is the first time that Costa Ricans have carried out their passport design. The visually engaging graphics seen in the internal pages are representative of the country’s four trademark pillars.

  • Biodiversity: represented by the country’s islands, hammerhead sharks, ocean waves, turtles, coral reefs, butterflies, and sloths.
  • Renewable energy: represented by the nation’s volcanoes and hydroelectric plants.
  • Education and peace: represented by the torch of independence, schoolbooks, and of course, “Pura Vida.”
  • Talent: represented by the traditional ox cart, pre-Columbian spheres, Boruca masks, sculptures, and the music of marimba, calypso, and even the native Creole swing.

The biometric passport project was announced during the Essential Costa Rica Nation Brand Annual Conference, held September 2nd, 2021. costa rica biometric passport

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