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China Eastern’s Unlimited Weekend Flights

Since hotels reopened in March, Chinese travelers started to enjoy traveling way more than many other people in the world. China Eastern unlimited flights

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Having seen the overwhelmingly positive market feedback of its ticket discount package “fly at will on weekends”, China Eastern Airlines launched another package on August 11, 2020, targeting consumers who fly on weekdays.

Priced at 3,456 yuan (423 EUR), the new package allows users to enjoy unlimited flights to any destination in the Chinese mainland on weekdays before 8am and after 8pm. The package is valid for 180 days.

Given that COVID-19 is now under control in China, China Eastern on June 18 launched a product priced at 3322 (406 EUR) that allows customers to take flights to any destination in the Chinese mainland during weekends until the end of this year. Afterward, other airlines in China followed this step and launched similar products.

China Eastern hopes that these discount packages can help boost businesses in tourism and hospitality so that relevant industries can get through this tough time together. As of early August, daily flights of China Eastern have rebounded from its lowest of 200 to about 2,300 – over 90 percent of the pre-pandemic level.

It is worth mentioning that China Eastern has also rolled out a series of measures aimed at ensuring the safety and health of international passengers. For instance, flight attendants have been wearing masks, intensifying disinfection procedures before and after each flight, and checking each passenger’s body temperature. At a macro level, the carrier has joined the safe travel initiatives proposed by IATA and ICAO. Even on social media platforms, China Eastern has, from time to time, promoted necessary information on personal protection practices as well as the preparation needed before traveling by air. China Eastern unlimited flights

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