Bankkit: Global App for Seamless Finance Management

The bankkit app has been purpose-built with global citizens in mind. bankkit is a new app that lets users manage and control their personal finances with innovative functions, including a UK current account, in one convenient place. Find out more about the newest  UK digital bank below. uk digital banking

bankkit is a seamless multi-product that aims to be part of a financial world that goes beyond traditional global borders.

bankkit lets consumers and business customers access fair banking services, enabling them to set up an account in the UK in minutes.

Speed and convenience are the driving force behind all its features that including:

  • Easy account opening
  • UK current account
  • Low-cost fixed-fee real-time FX remittance services
  • Businesses insurance products.
  • Overseas utility and other bill payments to twenty-three countries
  • First of its kind in the UK cyber security, including dark web protection
  • Terminal free, free instant B2B and B2C merchant payments via QR code
  • The bankkit app can be used anywhere in the world
  • 24/7 in-app and real-life in-house customer service
  • Innovative merchant low-cost merchant interface for businesses
  • Seamless QR code fee free money transfers for Bankkit users
  • And other services you would expect from an app-based current account, including premium-paid services

bankkit founder Nadim Choudary says, “bankkit was born out of a simple belief: money is meant to be easy and secure; it’s meant to work for people, and not the other way around. It is an alternative experience providing a simple interface for current accounts, insurance, foreign exchange remittances, and more, at low cost to consumers and business users”.

Among bankkit’s innovative features, which no UK bank has, is easy payment of overseas utility bills (ideal for overseas business owners and homeowners) and non-utility bill payments.

Also included is the bankkit QR code or bankkit Pay (free for merchants), that enables merchants to receive instant payments. There is no need for a terminal; therefore, there are no monthly terminal fees, no commission on transactions, no limit on the number of transactions, and instant payments between bankkit customers. With other Merchant fees averaging £25 a month and transaction fees between 1.6 and 3%, bankkit Pay will save businesses thousands of pounds.

Transfer money overseas with excellent rates

“We have created an app that makes it easy for consumers and business users who live and work in the UK and for foreigners who come to the UK for work or education to keep tabs on all their personal finance needs in one place. Knowing how much money is transferred between countries, especially by South Asian ex-pats living in the UK, with over $83 billion transferred from the UK to India in 2020, we wanted to create a one-stop solution that combines a UK current account with a low-cost FX remittance capability. bankkit makes it easy and cheap for people to transfer money overseas, and pay bills with excellent rates at their fingertips”, says Choudary.

Customers will have access to Bankkit accounts in 23 countries for bill payments, including Argentina, Costa Rica, the Dominican Republic, Ecuador, Egypt, El Salvador, Ghana, Guatemala, Honduras, India, Indonesia, Jamaica,  Jordan, Kenya, Mexico, Nepal, Nicaragua, Nigeria, Pakistan, Peru, the Philippines, the United Arab Emirates, and Vietnam. uk digital banking

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First Direct


Bankkit is available from the Apple Store and Google Play.


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