Allo Incognito introduces ‘Good Bye Roaming’ option

Planning Christmas holidays abroad? say Good Bye Roaming

Russian MVNO Allo Incognito, working on networks of mobile operators Megafon and Beeline, has introduced a new roaming option called Good Bye Roaming. Allo Incognito roaming
The option lets people call Russian networks and send SMSs under home region rates. The option is priced at RUB 349 per day. Calls within the destination country and to other states cost RUB 89 per minute. A daily 1 GB package is also available.

The option is available for use in countries such as: Austria, Armenia, Belarus, Bulgaria, Hungary, Germany, Gibraltar. Greece, Denmark, Egypt, Israel, Iceland, Spain, Italy, Kazakhstan, Cyprus, Kyrgyzstan, Latvia, Lithuania, Malta, Norway, Netherlands, United Arab Emirates, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Saudi Arabia, Thailand, Tunisia, Turkey, Ukraine, Finland , France, Croatia, Montenegro, Czech Republic, Switzerland, Sweden, Estonia, South Korea and South Ossetia.

When moving between countries in the list – a reconnection option is not required. If the subscriber is in a country that is not included in the list of actions – the option does not automatically turn off, if necessary, and in order to avoid charging subscription fees, the “Good Bye Roaming” option must be disabled by sending an Interactive USSD command.


Option “Roaming, goodbye!” *

Connection fee 0 rub.
Subscription fee, per day 349 rub.
Incoming calls 0 rub.
Outgoing calls to all numbers in Russia According to the conditions of the home region
SMS / MMS to all numbers in Russia, min. According to the conditions of the home region
Mobile Internet, per day * 1 GB
Outgoing calls to numbers of the host country and to other countries of the world, min. 89 rub.

Please note that in case the tariff plan does not include the Internet package, or at the time of the trip, the included limit is exhausted – the Internet abroad will be available at a price of 30 rubles. for every 200 MB, with the maximum number of connections – no more than 5 times.

The duration of the option is not limited. in order to avoid extra expenses, it is necessary to make an independent disconnection of the option when returning to Russia. Allo Incognito roaming

The option is available to all Allo Incognito subscribers with a SIM card based on the MegaFon network


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