A1 Belarus offers switch to eSIM on self-service app

A1 Belarus has introduced the ability for customers to switch to an eSIM on its self-service mobile application My A1. a1 esim


The option will be available from 29 October, and customers need to connect their devices to the Wi-Fi network for activating the eSim. After selecting the option on the application, the switch will be carried automatically.

The new service will be available to individuals using smartphones with support for USSD services (otherwise, the replacement will be made only in the personal account). Also, to activate eSIM using “My A1”, a prerequisite will be the presence of a physical SIM card of the same subscriber number from which the replacement request is made, and in the same smartphone on which the application is installed. 

Owners of Apple devices will be the first to use this service, and later it will become available on Android devices.

eSIM is a built-in subscriber identification module. Therefore, the digital SIM alternative does not need to be inserted into the slot. Today A1’s eSIM works with all models of devices that support this technology and are officially presented in Belarus.

For a new generation electronic SIM card, the same possibilities are available as for a plastic analogue: it can be blocked in case of loss of the phone, as well as reinstalled on a new device or temporarily suspend service. But, unlike physical SIM cards, the number of which is limited by the number of slots in a smartphone and does not exceed two, eSIM users, depending on the device model, can install up to five different profiles on one device and manage them from one device.

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