A ‘Minecraft’ DDoS Attack Basically Shut Down An Entire European Country’s Internet

A “Minecraft” DDoS attack targeted a certain multi-day Twitch gaming tournament in the small European country of Andorra lately, which basically caused the entire nation’s internet to shut down. minecraft andorra

Andorra’s only ISP, Andorra Telecom, suffered from repeated DDoS attacks during the SquidCraft Games tournament. Over eight streamers were actually kicked out of the tournament because they kept disconnecting.

For the unaware, SquidCraft is considered one of the most successful Twitch Rivals tournaments ever. The name itself is also a parody of the hit Netflix series “Squid Game,” but in the popular game “Minecraft.”

Some people suspect that the “Minecraft” DDoS attacks were done to try and get the tournament’s massive $100,000 prize, which was intended to make sure that the contestants will be very competitive.

Andorra Telecom confirmed the breach via Twitter:

The attack allegedly happened during the second day of the tournament. It was during this time when eight or more competitors all had their connections cut at the same time, which also basically affected the entire country’s internet infrastructure for over 30 minutes.

With the attack, the country’s hometown contingent was basically eliminated from the competition, as confirmed by Internet watchdog NetBlocks via Twitter:

No suspects have been identified as of the moment. Furthermore, SquidCraft remains on schedule.

‘Minecraft’ DDoS Attack: Highlighting The Game’s Security Vulnerabilities minecraft andorra

This unexpected DDoS attack using “Minecraft” is the latest in a concerning increase of hacking incidents involving the massively popular game.

Perhaps the most dangerous instance was the one with the Log4j exploit, which was first discovered within “Minecraft” servers late last year. It makes use of the ubiquitous data logging tool Log4j, which hackers used to execute malicious code on any device that runs the game.

Since Log4j was used by basically every other tech company out there, hackers were able to exploit the vulnerability and victimize a lot more people and organizations. Within the first three days of its discovery, there were over 840,000 Log4j attacks recorded. minecraft andorra

Meanwhile, The SquidCraft Games continues into day four of six today with 42 Twitch streamers left.

Team Andorra has been ‘Scooby doo-ed’ [frightened off by spooks] and the hackers have got away with it – for now.


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