4ka increases data traffic available for EU roaming

Slovak operator 4ka has raised its mobile data traffic packages for the use in the EU states, reports Zive.aktuality.sk. The data bundle for the use in the EU to be raised 3.38 GB to 3.78 GB for subscribers of Sloboda 100+, Sloboda 300+, Sloboda Infinity+ packages. More about 4ka EU roaming below.
Customers connected to the Daily Unlimited package will be able to use 0.56 GB data traffic bundle instead of 0.48 GB.

4ka has added more data in the European Union to the Sloboda + packages. In practice, this means that the client gets 0.4 GB of extra data abroad.

The change will affect the three Sloboda + programs and the Daily Infinity package:

  • Sloboda 100+ has so far offered a total of 3.38 GB in the EU, from today 3.78 GB
  • Sloboda 300+ has so far also had 3.38 GB in the EU, after a new 3.78 GB
  • Sloboda ∞ + also contained 3.38 GB in the EU and, after a change, 3.78 GB of data
  • The daily infinity volume in the EU has increased from 0.48 GB to 0.56 GB of data

From today, the new customer can use the increased volumes. The existing client will receive an increased volume after the renewal of the lump sum. 4ka also sells a 1 GB monthly data package, which can be  spent abroad from last year  without surcharges. 4ka EU roaming

Competitors will also offer more data in the EU. They are shown this by European regulation – the new wave will come into force on January 1, 2021. The 4ka began to apply it a month earlier.

Mobile providers adhere to the maximum limits set by the EU when calculating data. From 1 January 2021, the basic price for 1 GB of data excluding VAT will be reduced from EUR 3.5 to EUR 3 The price with tax will be adjusted  from 4.2 euros to 3.6 euros .

The new regulation applies from 1 January.

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