Wildfire Tracker and Alert System app

Watch Duty App to Provide Real-Time Wildfire Tracker and Alert System

Watch Duty, the only app that provides real-time wildfire information, announced that it is expanding its coverage areas throughout the Western United States. Any interested individual can download the app for free on the App Store, Google Play or at watchduty.org. Wildfire Tracker and Alert System app

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Already live across the State of California, Watch Duty provides real-time alerts and continued expert reporting for local residents in areas impacted by fast-moving and unpredictable wildfires. Watch Duty delivers these critical updates, all of which are fully vetted by an expert team of current and former firefighters and first responders, retired dispatchers and reporters, faster than any other available channel or forum. This allows impacted residents to make informed decisions during stressful and uncertain times when official notices often take exponentially longer if they appear at all.

“Wildfires don’t wait for bureaucracy: the majority of fatalities occur within the first hour of a fire, meaning every second counts,” said John Mills, co-founder and CEO at Watch Duty. “We built Watch Duty to give people who live in wildfire-prone areas a more timely and trustworthy option for receiving critical updates as quickly as possible. When there’s a wildfire in or near your area, you’ll receive an update directly to your phone, within minutes, and without having to mine through various community groups on Facebook, Twitter or other mass forums, which often contain dated and/or dubious information.”

Watch Duty: Trusted Wildfire Information App for Western US Wildfire Tracker and Alert System app

Watch Duty is already installed on more than one in every three phones in many wildfire-prone California regions including Napa and Lake Counties, and has already been downloaded by nearly one million California residents. Over the past year, it has added dedicated reporters in WashingtonOregonIdahoNevadaColorado, and Arizona. Watch Duty’s services are now live in these states, along with CaliforniaColoradoNew MexicoMontanaUtah and Wyoming.

“When a wildfire occurs, panic and confusion are often the first emotions to set in – an especially dangerous reality when you factor in just how unpredictable and fast-moving many fires are,” said Jeff Lemelin, Volunteer Battalion Chief for Sonoma County (CA) Fire District. “Watch Duty is providing a vital public service by providing a simple and highly trustworthy option for receiving the key information around wildfire movements, containment status and, especially, evacuation notices, that people need, delivered when they most need it.”  Wildfire Tracker and Alert System app


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