Vodafone Netherlands activates eSim for postpaid users

Vodafone Netherlands has started offering eSIM ‘s. The offering is available for all postpaid subscribers, consumers or businesses. Vodafone Netherlands esim
Phones with eSIM can also use a regular SIM card at the same time. With an eSIM and regular SIM card, you can make and receive calls, and use the internet with two numbers on one phone.
Prepaid customers and those on the Hollandsnieuwe brand will need to wait to use the eSim.

Vodafone Business with eSIM Vodafone Netherlands esim

Many entrepreneurs are aware of the problem. Walking around with a business phone and a

private phone, in order to separate work and life at home. Having to check two phones continuously and charging is an unnecessary hassle. But now there is eSIM. With an eSIM and a regular SIM card, it is possible to make calls, send text messages and use the internet with two numbers on one phone. Vodafone Ne


The advantages of eSIM with a business subscription vodafone netherlands esim

Ready for the future

With eSIM you can transfer your number to a new phone even more easily.

Private and business on one phone

Decide for yourself with which number you call and the internet. You can be reached on both numbers on the same phone.

Handy for traveling

On a (business) trip outside the EU? Buy a local SIM card, save on roaming costs, and just stay reachable on your own number!



herlands esim

T-Mobile Netherlands was the first Dutch mobile operator to offer eSIM for its iPhone and iPad users.


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