Twitter Blue to be relaunched today – a higher price for Apple users

Elon Musk had promised to make Twitter’s paid validation system available again on December 2, but the functionality only starts today, and for now, it is only available through the iOS application, in the United States, Canada, Australia, New Zealand and the United Kingdom, but there are plans to extend the system, there is just no date. Twitter Blue

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Twitter Blue allows you to add the blue validation symbol to the accounts of users who are willing to pay now 8 dollars a month. Subscribers continue to pay $2.99 ​​or $4.99 a month until their subscription is canceled. Until now, blue badges were reserved for verified accounts, with relevant notoriety or held by public figures.

The service has a few more additional features, like the ability to edit twit, one of the oldest user requests, 1080p video uploads, and a reading mode.

The global launch of a Twitter subscription service, with the account authenticity seal as the main anchor, was one of Elon Musk’s first priorities after taking over the management of the platform. The multimillionaire sees the subscription model as the best way to increase Twitter’s revenues and this seal, which until now was free, is one of the attributes worth passing on to this subscription, as a differentiating element.

In recent weeks, Twitter has also added other types of classifications to accounts on the social network, such as the “Official” that applies to institutional accounts or organizations such as political parties or companies and newspapers. These badges will also change this week, becoming gold for companies and gray for government and associated accounts.

After an ultimatum to the development team of the subscription version to speed up the work and finish the project, on which the company was already working, Twitter Blue was launched, but two days later it had to be taken down because they started immediately profiles with seals of authenticity appeared that were nothing more than imitations of the original accounts.

After that, the company assumed that it had to review the system and put the project on hold until it was possible to have a system in place that prevented imitations. Elon Musk admitted that all accounts with a seal of authenticity will be manually verified before being approved.

For now, new accounts are prevented from accessing the Twitter Blue subscription for 90 days, but the company also adds that “we may impose an additional waiting period for new accounts in the future at our discretion and without prior notice. the seal of validation after having subscribed to the web and Android version, although the new version launched today is only accessible via the iOS app. Those who had subscribed to Twitter Blue on Android or on the web cannot yet upgrade to this version.

After having bought the social network Elon Musk admitted that Twitter could go bankrupt if it did not move forward with a paid subscription system. Meanwhile, the measures taken by the multimillionaire have shaken the company, with the massive departure of employees but also the abandonment of users who sought alternative social networks and advertisers.

What does the ‘Official’ profile label mean? Twitter Blue

In addition to blue checkmarks, Twitter also applies visual identity signals like labels and badges on account profiles to provide more context about — and help distinguish — different types of accounts.

The Official profile label is applied to government accounts (institutional accounts, elected or appointed officials, and multilateral organizations)*, certain political organizations such as political parties, commercial companies including business partners, major brands, media outlets and publishers, and some other public figures.

*State-affiliated media and government accounts that play a role as a geopolitical or official Government communication channel display a unique label. You can find more information about profile labels in Twitter Help Center.


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