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TRZMO and CELITECH to Provide Premium International Roaming

TRZMO launched version 3.0 of its free travel super-app at Phocuswright 2022, the leading conference for the global travel industry. TRZMO is available on the Apple App and Google Play store. travel app trzmo

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When travelers download TRZMO, they get 1GB of global roaming cellular data free for a limited time. Users can monitor data usage and top it up directly in the app. TRZMO travelers can also view flight and hotel details in a single dashboard to get real-time updates, food, weather, ground transportation, loyalty card management, duty-free price comparison, and a journal where they can capture, save and share travel moments — all in one super app.

TRZMO knows that despite tremendous travel tech innovations, apps have been disjointed and single-purpose. Often travelers are overwhelmed with navigating logistics, paying too much, and struggling upon arrival to set up global roaming. To battle the cellular data status quo, TRZMO partnered with CELITECH and innovated a solution to provide free international roaming on the spot, which drives adoption for TRZMO and CELITECH, while delivering connectivity that will rock travelers’ worlds.

TRZMO launched in the summer 2022 at the Phocuswright Europe Conference in Amsterdam, NL, then integrated eSIM technology from CELITECH, which was named the “Overall Wireless Broadband Solution of the Year” three years in a row (2020-2022). CELITECH powers one-click connectivity to travel-related companies by offering a branded eSIM service to generate new revenues and mobile engagement, while helping their international travelers save up to 80 percent on data roaming.

celitech logo“We provide the world’s most secure eSIMs on Tier 1 Networks including AT&T, Vodafone, Telefonica, Orange, SOC 2 Compliance and 24/7 support,” said Al Fares, CEO of CELITECH. “TRZMO’s mission is frictionless travel with one comprehensive super app and we’re proud TRZMO selected us to offer global roaming for their users, without requiring another single-purpose app. The integration is seamless.”

TRZMO works closely with an advisory board of travel industry veterans and is forging new partnerships to bring convenience and efficiency to every aspect of travel. Instead of 20 different apps to juggle for traveling – TRZMO streamlines the experience to deliver everything travelers need – in one dashboard. Their global team consists of executive leadership in the US and development in Ukraine.

“We believe amazing travel experiences begin when you leave home and should be frictionless. Our global team is thrilled to announce our partnership with CELITECH. We’re continuing to integrate with new partners to ensure that our super app is positioned as the industry leader; a must-have for travelers in a fast-changing travel industry,” said Myank Jain, Founder, and CEO of TRZMO.

About TRZMO travel app trzmo

TRZMO is the ultimate travel super-app. It delivers global roaming, flight itineraries, ground transportation recommendations and logistics, local weather, time, currency, and duty-free price comparison en route in one dashboard. TRZMO automatically pulls flight itineraries from your calendar, facilitating trip management without data entry, and notifying you of real-time changes. It displays duty-free prices and offers for products along your route to save time and money. TRZMO also manages loyalty cards, so you maximize the value of those cards. TRZMO also captures video/photo moments from travels, to save in your travel journal in the app or share on other platforms.

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