TIM to launch €8 a month offer with 70GB and unlimited calls

Telecom Italia (TIM) is set to launch a new “operator attack” mobile offer in the coming days with 70GB of mobile data plus unlimited calls for under EUR 8 a month, reports Mondo Mobile Web. tim unlimited
Starting from 13 September 2020, TIM should make available in stores a new operator attack offer on SIM Limited Edition called TIM Steel SIM Pro , which should replace the rechargeable TIM Supreme New offer still available for a few days.


‘TIM Steel SIM Pro’ will replace the previous ‘TIM Supreme New’ plan and will include data at download speeds of 150 Mbps and upload speeds of 75 Mbps as well as 5GB for EU roaming at a price of EUR 7.99 a month plus EUR 10 for the SIM card.

As you can see, the new TIM Steel SIM Pro ( not to be confused with the TIM Steel Pro still available ) should therefore have the same characteristics as the TIM Supreme New combination with TIM Star 20GB which it will replace, subject to changes.

The operator attack offer on TIM Card Limited Edition will be available for the same list of customers as the previous one, i.e. for customers from Iliad, PosteMobile (also Full), 1Mobile, Daily Telecom, Optima Italia, Plintron Italia Full, Withu, Green ICN , NV Mobile, Intermatica, Spusu, NTMobile, Rabona, Noitel and Enegan.

The TIM Steel SIM Pro will provide basic 50 Giga of data traffic and subsequently another 20 Giga per month free of charge will be automatically activated, in the 3 or 5 days following activation.

The cost of activating the offer is free, but the customer will still have to bear the cost of a mandatory minimum top-up of at least 8 euros for the first advance cost of the offer. The cost of the SIM is instead 10 euros, except for local promotions. It is not excluded that prices may vary at the retailer’s discretion, as has happened in the past.

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