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TIM Brasil refreshes international roaming options

TIM announced the reformulation of its postpaid plan international roaming services. The new package is called TIM Viagem and offers a national franchise for use in other countries. Black package customers and Black Family holders will have the novelty already included in their monthly fees, with different coverage. tim brasil roaming options

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TIM Viagem offers three different packages, divided by region: Americas, Europe and World. These regions relate to internet use: calls and SMS are free to Brazil and to numbers in the same country.

When contracting international roaming, the customer gains the same amount of data as his “Brazilian” plan to use abroad.

“Those who have a plan with 60 GB, for example, will have another 60 GB per month to use on trips, without consuming the franchise in Brazil”, explains Fabio Avellar, VP of revenues at TIM. “The idea is that he maintains his consumption profile as if he were in Brazil, in his daily activities, without having to worry about controlling the use.”

TIM Viagem will be sold as a recurring monthly package, with a 12-month loyalty period:

  • Americas: BRL 9.99 per month
  • Europe: BRL 19.99 per month
  • Worldwide: BRL 29.99 per month

It is possible to hire the service without loyalty, but the value quintuples: tim brasil roaming options

  • Americas: BRL 49.99 per month
  • Europe: BRL 99.99 per month
  • Worldwide: BRL 149.99 per month

According to the operator, Black customers will have the Americas package included in their plan. Black Family plan holders will have the Americas and Europe packages. Hiring, therefore, is necessary for other destinations, as well as for other users of family plans.


TIM matches Claro and Vivo with new roaming options

If you look for the alternatives on the competitor’s websites, you won’t find anything very different: Claro, TIM and Vivo offer similar options for international roaming.

Claro and Vivo divide the regions in the same way as TIM: Americas, Europe and the World. They also sell 12-month loyalty packages, at the same prices as TIM.

Claro includes the Americas Passport in its post plans. At Vivo, Vivo Travel varies: some post plans have coverage in the Americas included, while others have Americas and Europe, and a few, World.

Claro and TIM offer the same internet allowance as the plan contracted in Brazil and unlimited minutes to make calls.

Vivo, on the other hand, stipulates a daily data usage limit, depending on the country visited, in addition to restricting call times to 50 minutes.

Finally, it is important to check which countries are covered by the packages of each operator. This information is available on Claro ‘s Americas Passport , Vivo Travel and TIM Viagem websites.


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