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Ankara is not a resort or a beach city but it is the second largest city of Turkey with a few good attractions. Yet Ataturk’s Mausoleum, The Republic Museum in there, the Ankara Castle, and the Museum of Anatolian Civilisations are very interesting, informative and educative.

It is the center of the Turkish Government, and houses all foreign embassies. The city was famous for its long-haired Angora goat and its prized wool (mohair), a unique breed of cat (Angora cat), white rabbits and their prized wool (Angora wool), pears, honey, and the region’s muscat grapes.

Ankara is a residential and political city, meaning it is quieter and more organised compared to cosmopolit Istanbul.  The capital also doesn’t fall short on sightseeing, with the Mausoleum of Mustafa Kemal Atatürk, the Ethnography Museum, and the Ankara Kalesi (and surrounding old city) deemed as favourites.

Cosmopolitan Ankara is the capital of Turkey and a major commercial destination with museums, green parks and stunning landmarks. Situated in the centre of Anatolia, this city, known for its mohair production, perfectly blends the modern buildings with the picturesque houses ofthe old town.

Set on the top of a hill, the historic centre of Ankara is home to traditional houses and the Ankara citadel and castle. Offering panoramic views over the city, this old area has many little restaurants serving delicious regional dishes.

Ankara also has significant mosques like the iconic Kocatepe Mosque, the 12th century Alaaddin Mosque, the Ahi Elvan Mosque, the Hacı Bayram Mosque and the Ottoman Yeni Mosque.

The massive Ataturk Tower with its revolving restaurant is located in the Çankaya district, along with the Ataturk Memorial. Museum lovers should not miss the Ataturk Museum and the Ethnographical Museum, featuring interesting exhibitions about Turkish civilisations.

Esenboğa International Airport is about 28 km from the city centre and has flights to popular cities like Frankfurt, Doha, Amsterdam and Berlin. Check the deals and find a cheap hotel, hostel or guest house in Ankara.

Best time to visit Ankara

June-September is the best time to visit city. This is the peak tourist season because the days are pleasant and warm, and the sun shines bright. Winter months of November-February gets very cold and the temperature often goes below -14 degrees Celsius during December and January.

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