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Travel to Portugal?

Portugal receives a high number of tourists from all across the globe as well as from within the country

CurrencyEuro * Capital: Lisbon * Population: 10,302,674 * Calling code+351

Portugal prices comparing to those in the EU: Compared to all EU28 countries, prices for mobile broadband and telephony in Portugal are, across the offers studied, slightly more expensive than on EU average. No offers were found to be less expensive than the EU average.

Price Trends – Relative to 2017, averaging over the usage baskets shown, prices in Portugal fell somewhat. In contrast, for consumers requiring 5 GB data and 100 calls with 140 SMS, prices fell strongly (by 40%).

For 5 GB (data only) Sim card you will have to pay €18.76 (€16.02 is EU average).

Buying a SIM card in Portugal

Local SIM Cards – Currently, there are three major mobile phone providers in Portugal and there are several Mobile Virtual Network Operators (MVNO).

The major mobile operators in Portugal are Vodafone, NOS, and MEO. To purchase a SIM card, one can visit any of the major operators’ official stores or authorized retailers. One can also purchase a SIM card from many convenience stores, supermarkets or online.

Portuguese SIM cards don’t need to be registered.

The average price for a prepaid SIM card in Portugal is around €10-€15 and comes with a certain amount of data, minutes, and text messages.

When purchasing a sim card, it is recommended to avoid buying an expensive one at the airport or in the last minute, as prices tend to be higher and you may be limited in your options.  Travel to Portugal? 

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Check out  Portugal eSIM deals:
1 GB With no expiration =   €2.80
3 GB With no expiration =   €8.13
5 GB With no expiration =  €13.13
10 GB With no expiration = €25.16
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In Portugal, the standard plug type is type C, also known as the European plug, with two round pins. Buy it here.

Portugal tourism

Portugal is crammed with history, culture and cuisine, and these three characteristics have seen it visited by over 10 million tourists a year (and counting). Add stunning scenery to that list and you’ve got an endless supply of activities to keep you occupied. The country is renowned for its enchanting cities, with the capital of Lisbon perched on the edge of the Atlantic Ocean. Its distinctive culture is emphasised by traditional fado music reverberating through the charming cobblestone streets and pastelarias serving up delicious pastéis de nata (custard tarts). For a unique way to explore the beautiful old town, hop aboard tram 28 – one of a few old fashioned tram lines still operating in Lisbon today. Porto, the second-largest city, offers up a charming medieval centre, coastal walks and bistros serving up ‘Francesinha’– a typical meat and cheese-filled sandwich distinctive to the city. Many popular beaches can be found closeby, such as the scenic shores of Gaia or Espinho. travel to portugal

There are numerous hotels in Portugal, ranging from budget-friendly options to luxury establishments. The most numerous hotels are found in the capital city of Lisbon and in the Algarve region, which is popular for its beaches. The average price for a hotel room in Portugal varies greatly depending on the location, with prices ranging from €30-€100 for a budget room to €100-€500 for a luxury room.

Portugal has a number of domestic and international airlines operating from its major airports, including TAP Air Portugal, the national airline, and Ryanair, EasyJet, and Wizz Air. The largest airport in Portugal is Lisbon Portela Airport, which serves as a hub for TAP Air Portugal and offers flights to numerous destinations around the world.

Portugal hotels


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