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Travel to Poland?

Poland receives a high number of tourists from all across the globe as well as from within the country

CurrencyPolish Zloty * Capital: Warsaw * Population: 37,970,000 * Calling code+48

Buying a SIM card in Poland

Local SIM Cards – Currently, there are four major mobile phone providers in Poland: main providers in Poland are Orange, Plus, T-Mobile and Play.

You can purchase a SIM card at the airport or in any of the mobile operator’s retail stores throughout the country. You may also find them in electronic and department stores. In order to purchase a SIM card, you will need to provide proof of identity.

The average cost of a prepaid SIM card in Poland is approximately 15-20 PLN (Polish Zloty), which is equivalent to around $4-$5 USD. This typically includes a certain amount of data, minutes, and texts. Monthly plans usually start at around 30 PLN and go up to around 200 PLN.

When purchasing a sim card, it is recommended to avoid buying an expensive one at the airport or in the last minute, as prices tend to be higher and you may be limited in your options.  Travel to poland? 

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Check out  Poland eSIM deals:
1 GB With no expiration =   €4.68
3 GB With no expiration =  €13.65
5 GB With no expiration =  €21.97
10 GB With no expiration = €42.12
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The plugs used in Poland are of type C and E. These plugs have two round pins and are commonly used in most European countries. Buy it now.

Poland Tourism

Poland is attracting more and more tourists each year, with a particular increase occurring after accessing the European Union. The most visited regions include the Baltic Sea coast, Masurian Lake District, Białowieża Forest, and mountain areas located in the country’s south. In 2021, Poland welcomed the most tourists from Europe. In terms of tourist attractions and recreation, foreign tourists associated Poland with city breaks, national parks, lakes, museums, and historic or UNESCO sites. International tourists spent nearly 8.4 billion U.S. dollars in Poland.

Travel behavior

In 2022, about 60 percent of Poles planned a vacation ofor at least two days. The majority of Poles who were going on vacation in 2022 spent between 2,500 and 5,000 zloty on holiday trips and activities. As for travel destinations, Europe remains the most preferred destination. In 2021, Poles were most likely to travel to Italy and Croatia. The most popular region for domestic trips was Pomerania and Lesser Poland.
The COVID-19 pandemic has revised the holiday plans of Poles. Therefore, the year 2021 will be marked by trips across Poland organized independently rather than by a travel agency. The majority of the population, tired of restrictions and lockdown, have also changed their attitude towards leisure. Poles are planning to relax away from the crowds and in smaller groups than usual.


There are approximately 20,000 hotels in Poland. The most numerous hotels are in the 3-star category, followed by 4-star and 5-star hotels. The average cost of a hotel room in Poland ranges from 100 PLN to 500 PLN, depending on the level of luxury and the location of the hotel.

Poland is served by a number of domestic and international airlines, including LOT Polish Airlines, Ryanair, and Wizz Air. These airlines offer flights to many destinations within Europe and beyond, making it easy for tourists to travel to and from the country.

Poland Hotels


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