Tele2 Lithuania starts offering eSIMs

Tele2 Lithuania announced that its customers have become able to use eSIM ‘s on smartphones. Customers can replace conventional SIMs with eSIMs in all service centres of the operator, with a SIM replacement fee applied. Telia Lithuania also introduced eSIMs for smartphones last week. tele2 lithuania esim

“As technology advances rapidly, we are pleased to introduce the eSIM service for mobile phones. This change will provide customers with even more convenient use and greater security,” said Petras Masiulis, CEO of Tele2 for the Baltic States.

Say goodbye to the plastic SIM card tele2 lithuania esim

According to Aida Lumbytė, Tele2’s product manager, the eSIM service works on the same principle as a regular plastic SIM card – it allows you to connect to the mobile operator’s network and use the services provided by the operator. However, she emphasizes that there is one fundamental difference between these technologies – eSIM is integrated into the mobile device already during production. 

“Modern phone manufacturers are trying to ensure the greatest possible protection of devices against moisture and dust, so access to the physical SIM card is becoming more and more difficult. You need a special tool to remove the SIM card slot. With eSIM, all you have to do is scan the QR code and the eSIM profile is uploaded remotely. One of the key benefits of eSIMs is security – unlike traditional SIM cards, which can be cloned, eSIMs have better security measures and risk-reducing features. The virtual eSIM service cannot be used on another device or otherwise appropriated“, she mentions the advantages. 

There is no cost to use the service 

According to A. Lumbytė, in order to start using eSIM, you only need to have a phone that has an integrated eSIM module, for example, in 2018. and later released iPhone, Samsung Galaxy 20 and newer Samsung models, Huawei, Google Pixel and Sony smartphones. According to her, the market for devices supporting eSIM is growing rapidly – already a couple of years ago, the number of device models supporting eSIM service exceeded 100, and Apple has already introduced the first iPhone to the American market, which no longer has a physical SIM card slot. 

“Currently, Tele2 customers can exchange their SIM card for an eSIM at any operator’s showroom throughout Lithuania or by calling the customer service number – 117. Using an eSIM does not cost the operator’s customers anything extra, but a small one-time SIM exchange fee is charged. For customers who have decided to change their SIM card to an eSIM, the plan and its terms and additional ordered services do not change,” she says.

A. Lumbytė emphasizes that for the time being, customers will not be able to use the Mobile -ID program with the eSIM service . According to her, the operation of Mobile -ID is linked to a special SIM card that has the certificates required for authentication and signing . There is currently no solution on the market that supports Mobile – ID with eSIM service. tele2 lithuania esim


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